will improve IT literacy at Lakelands with a free 12-month program

A new free community tech skills program is set to launch at the Lakelands Mall this weekend.

The program focuses on increasing computer literacy and connecting generations in the community and falls within the state government’s new COVID-19 safety requirements, which require safe registration and verifying the vaccination of customers entering the premises in Perth.

The program run by aims to bridge the gap in local community needs and tackle social issues such as youth unemployment and isolation while providing much-needed technology support.

To kick off the program, 20 young adults from Mandurah were hired by to help the community develop their tech skills.’s Tony Rothacker said he was “delighted” to launch the program at Lakelands.

“We hope the program will help residents address some of the urgent support needs when installing the ServiceWA app and showcase the value of local young tech savvy people,” he said.

Rosemary Condron-Calic, National Retail Portfolio Manager for Lakelands ISPT Mall Operators, said it was important to support the community in the digital transition.

“With the pandemic increasing reliance on technology through apps such as SafeWA, ServiceWA and Vaccine Passports, we felt it was important that we take action to support members of our community,” she said.

“Unemployment and disconnection from society are some of the common issues facing young people today and this program is not only great for our local community looking for support, but it is also a great opportunity for young people to gain gainful and rewarding work experience and to become more active in the community.

The program also aims to combat loneliness and isolation for all generations in the community by providing the opportunity to bond and learn valuable lessons from each other.

The program will officially launch at the Lakelands Mall on February 12 and will run every Saturday for 12 months from 10 a.m. to noon.

Visitors can find the set up outside Muffin Break at the Lakelands Mall. For more information, visit

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