What can I finance with an ecological renovation loan?

Renovate your home in an ecological way: you can do it yourself or call in specialists. But in both cases, you can apply for a Home Improvement Loan to finance your investments! Let’s review the different projects that you can finance with this loan. This type of loan allows you to make renovations in your home in order to save energy. Financial organizations, such as Petelem for example, wish, by offering this type of loan, to encourage projects that respect the environment and encourage households to favor the green loan, by granting more advantageous conditions, such as a generally very low rate.

Renovating your home while keeping ecology in mind, that only has advantages. On the one hand, your home will be much more pleasant and comfortable, and on the other hand, you will save money in the long term! In addition, you make a flower for the planet. Many improvements to your home can be financed by an Ecological Renovation Loan. In addition, it is not necessary to have the work carried out by a professional: you can very well borrow to buy the materials and carry out the work yourself.


1. It all starts with an audit

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If you are not sure what can / should be done at home, you can consult a specialist and have an energy audit carried out on your home. Its cost may be the object of your loan. After this audit, you will see more clearly what work can be done, what the priorities are, and you can more easily calculate the costs.


2. Insulate your home

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Maybe you already have a good heating system, but without good insulation, you lose the benefit. Insulating your house well can greatly reduce your energy consumption and reduce your bills!

You can use the Ecological Renovation Loan to:

  • Insulate your walls, floors and roof
  • Place double glazing or high performance glazing
  • Place a green roof: not only does it insulate from hot and cold, but it also reduces noise, extends the life of your roof and offers a certain aesthetic charm


3. Install a heating system


Of course, the Ecological Renovation Loan also covers heating systems of different types:

  • Replacement of an old boiler
  • Installation of a water heating system using solar energy
  • The placement of a heat regulation system of an existing central heating installation, through thermostatic valves or a timer thermostat
  • Installation of pellet stoves


4. Produce your energy

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Finally, the Ecological Renovation Loan also concerns you if you want to set up facilities to produce your own energy. We obviously think of photovoltaic panels, but not only! You can also install:

  • An air-water heat pump to save energy
  • Equipment aimed at producing geothermal energy
  • A system for producing hot water using solar energy

You can also install a home automation system that will optimize the energy consumption of your home.