We tell you 5 daily examples of Artificial Intelligence

Although it seems too foreign to us, Artificial Intelligence is part of our daily lives.

Unwittingly, this technology occupies places in our lives that have become indispensable to us. From virtual assistants to social networks, via banking applications, AI is more present in our routine than we imagine.

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Artificial intelligence applications

Artificial intelligence emerges as one of the branches of computer science combined with fields of logic and cognitive science. The development of this technology has long been applied in many areas within the company and even in our daily lives. Any area of ​​society is viable for AI to be used there.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is used in areas such as natural language processing, industrial process automation and content selection.

1. Voice assistants

Every time we ask our smartphone for something and the voice assistant responds with what we need, we are using artificial intelligence. Currently, according to a Nielsen study, 24% of homes in the United States already have a smart speaker. The trend is for continuous growth and in a few years most of us will have virtual assistants in our homes.

Voice assistants allow us to give orders to perform different tasks, remind us what to do or even read us a book while we are doing another activity.

Thanks to language processing, machines can interpret what is communicated to them and respond to it in the same way as a human being would.

2. Smart cars

Our cars can already detect if we are tired, help us park, connect fuel saving systems or warn us of dangers we could not have foreseen. The development of the autonomous car is already a reality and in a short time they will circulate like any other vehicle.

Beyond the automations, the information learned by the cars makes it possible to improve driving in dense traffic or to give the situation on the road in real time.

3. Navigators and Maps

We continue in the automotive world when we talk about navigators, the systems we use both indoors and in other circumstances. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to calculate more efficient routes, save driving time and improve safety.

If we take into account the possibility of using voice navigation, we are faced with an interesting tool that helps drivers to reach a certain point, even when they do not have a co-pilot.

In sectors such as logistics, AI is becoming a key resource to offer a better alternative when traveling.

4. Home automation, AI at home

Today, it is possible to have many home improvements that make our lives easier. There are people who enter their homes without using keys and who turn on the lights by a light command or by entering a room, just with their presence.

In a short time, the development of Artificial Intelligence has meant that washing machines program themselves, vacuum cleaners do not require humans to operate or refrigerators tell us what purchases we need.

5. Medical applications

Many hospitals have tools developed with Artificial Intelligence. It is a way to optimize and improve the work in health centers.

Thanks to this technology, the machines work in harmony with the doctors themselves. The innovation succeeded in improving the “clinical eye” of healthcare workers, participating in surgical operations and generating much more accurate results.

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