VP Naidu urges directors and officers to set examples of integrity and ethics

Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today stressed that the ultimate goal of governance should be to empower the people and move towards minimum government, which he said will only happen when the last mile will have been traveled and the people at the bottom of the pyramid have been reached. He also said that the success of good governance lies in the inclusion and transformation of the working masses into equal actors in the development process.

Addressing the participants of the 48th Advanced Professional Program in Public Administration (APPPA) organized by the Indian Institute of Public Administration in New Delhi today, the Vice President said that the key to good governance lies in the inclusiveness, the use of technology and the maintenance of high moral standards. “Technology promotes transparency and therefore accountability, which is the fundamental characteristic of good governance, while moral standards confer legitimacy,” he added. He hopes that these two together will usher in a new political culture that sets the stage for ushering in transformational reforms.

Emphasizing that people’s participation is very important for inclusive and responsive governance, Shri Naidu said that reforms are only initiated by government but only really bear fruit when people work proactively for the future of their country. Referring to the ongoing Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, the Vice President urged every Indian to work towards building a happy, healthy, prosperous and developed nation as we enter the 100th year of our independence.

Observing that the focus is now shifting from government to governance, the Vice President said India is on the move, shedding the baggage of its past and embarking on a journey of hope and fulfillment of his ultimate destiny which is to lead the world.

On this occasion, Shri Naidu also stressed the need to get out of the colonial mentality and asked the administrators to use the language of the people in carrying out their official duties. “You should interact with people in their own language,” he told them. Referring to the adage – “service to man is service to God”, the vice president wanted all officials to make “service to the people” their main motto.

Hailing IIPA’s contribution to national development, Shri Naidu said he was happy to see IIPA today adapting to the needs of a dynamic and rapidly changing era, and the rapidly changing socio-economic environment. . Calling to halt the trend of lowering standards in public life, he wanted administrators and leaders to set examples of integrity and ethics.

Referring to the concept of Ram-Rajya so often espoused by Mahatma Gandhi, he said that in Indian tradition it is a metaphor for defining what a well-governed welfare state should look like and urged administrators to follow these lofty ideals to build a society free from poverty, discrimination and inequality.

Shri IV Subbarao, Secretary to the Vice President, Shri Surendra Nath Tripathi, Chief Executive Officer, IIPA, Dr. VN Alok, Program Director (APPPA), Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar, faculty members, course participants and other dignitaries attended the event.

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