Videonetics announces technological integration with COM-SUR

Videonetics, the provider of the Unified DL-based AI Video Computing Platform (UVCP â„¢) announces the integration of its intelligent VMS 3.0 with COM-SUR, CCTV video footage auditing, backup intelligent and standardized intelligent incident reporting software.

Technology integration enables users to audit and review CCTV video streams in real time, creating exceptional intelligent incident reports for rapid escalation and resolution of an incident with enterprise-class functionality unified, future-ready and unprecedented Intelligent VMS 3.0.

Building a strong ecosystem

Videonetics is focused on developing strategic relationships and building a strong ecosystem, thereby making our technology accessible to our partners and customers.. “

With this technological integration, we are committed to providing a holistic solution to customers “

With this technological integration, we are committed to providing a holistic solution to customers to achieve optimal results from surveillance video, advanced level of situational awareness for any size of installation, ensure total cost of ownership (TCO) lower, improve the investigation assistance of any incidentSaid Avinash J Trivedi, Vice President – Business Development, Videonetics.

Intelligent incident report

Gautam D. Goradia, Founder and CEO of COM-SUR said: “COM-SUR, the world’s first feature-rich 3-in-1 software enabling meaningful auditing, intelligent backup and standardized intelligent incident reporting through seamless integration with Videonetics’ intelligent VMS 3.0, provides a multiplier of force, as a powerful CCTV tool. “

This synergistic partnership will effectively demonstrate to users, for various domestic / industrial applications, tangible benefits ranging from safety to productivity. The seamless interaction between a video management system and COM-SUR software makes auditing a sequence very easy, reduces data size, and creates actionable incident reports for rapid response and corrective actions. “

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