Training youth in financial literacy will enhance wealth creation – Joy Kabatsi

Former Minister of State for Transport Joy Kabatsi urged stakeholders to focus on educating young people in the financial concepts of saving, investing and debt in order to facilitate wealth creation and l ‘financial independence.

Speaking on Monday at the launch of the CHOMI community center in Lwemiyaga, Sembabule district, Kabatsi said it was important for leaders to be knowledgeable and guide young people, especially on money matters, in order to foster financial security and national development.

“The vision is for CHOMI to teach everything we want us to learn about investing, about credit, the importance of SACCOS, the parish development model, how insurance works and how best to market products. agricultural, ”she said.

The community center, which seeks to provide a place for residents of Sembabule to participate in financial literacy training, was founded by Kabatsi with the aim of strengthening service delivery to all Ugandans.

Thanks to this center, the inhabitants of Sembabule should benefit from the latest technologies and food storage equipment as well as share their knowledge on international best practices.

Speaking at the same event, Major General Sam Kavuma, Deputy Director of Operation Wealth Creation and Chairman of Wazalendo SACCO, said investing in Ugandans with the right resources to achieve self-reliance is extremely important for achieve a sustainable recovery, noting that while COVID -19 has impacted all Ugandans, it is important that people acquire sufficient skills to help them recover and build resilient businesses.

“Investing in our people and communities by equipping them with an environment and resources that are conducive to self-reliance is how we are building a recovery for all of us,” he said.

Major-General Sam Kavuma addressing the assembly at the launch of the CHOMI Community Center

Ivan Asiimwe, CEO of Cooperative Alliance, said institutions like CHOMI need to be supported to drive growth at the grassroots level to fuel the economy as a whole.

“We will support CHOMI to be an engine of economic growth in Uganda. This community hall is proof of Kabatsi’s servant leadership towards the people of Lwemiyaga and our country, Uganda, ”he said.

The CHOMI initiative was launched in 2020 by Hon Kabatsi and his partners with the aim of expanding support to rural communities to improve their well-being through skills and other modern means of bookkeeping.

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