The program aims to improve digital literacy in Eau Claire County

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – The pandemic is forcing people to work online more than ever before to complete daily tasks.

For some people, however, surfing the internet can be scary.

That’s why Eau Claire County Supervisor Donald Mowry led the “Literacy Coach and Navigator Program”.

He said his goal was to make people feel more comfortable with technology and be able to access more resources on their own.

The free program is open to everyone in Eau Claire County.

It pairs students with UW-Eau Claire students who teach them the basic digital skills they need to acquire.

Aaron Schneider is one of those volunteer “coaches”.

“It can be something as simple as logging into an email, writing an email, responding to emails,” he said. It might help somebody get the internet to work, you know, passwords, things like that.

Mowry said the program can help people on an emotional level as well.

“They want more connection,” he said. “They want to be able to Zoom with their family. They want to be able to connect by email. I think otherwise they are isolated and that can lead to mental health issues. “

Schneider said that as the company continues to rely more on technology, it feels good to know that it is making a difference in people’s lives.

“When they learn to keep in touch with a family member or something through email, you can tell that makes their day,” he said.

Mowry said coaching takes place in a number of different ways, including in person, over the phone, and online.

Those in need of digital assistance can contact Mowry by email at [email protected] They can also call him at 715-875-4206. People can also find more information about the program on the county’s website.

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