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We are in the car going through a drive-in window. He looks at me solemnly and says, “My mom takes the money from the machine and then she buys me whatever I want, like the Lego people. Her face lights up with anticipation. He is only 4 years old but has already understood that he can acquire “things!” He has no idea that the slot machine is not endless!

Children are incredibly intelligent. We haven’t yet fully understood how beautifully they process information and, more importantly, how they retain what they learn.

Their spoken dialogue may be limited; they may not even know how to read yet, but they have amazing memories with almost instantaneous recall of every word we say.

Our precious children not only absorb all the information, but they love to repeat it – often at the most inconvenient times. Who hasn’t attended a rally when an innocent man drops “an embarrassing bombshell from a personal family incident” into a conversation.

Very early on, so attentive to every non-verbal nuance that we project, children instinctively learn to become the master manipulators of their adult relatives. This subtle coercion plays out in predictable routines where if they want something, moaning long enough and loud enough will elicit an adult response, but not always a positive outcome, especially when budgets are tight.

This is where parental influence and encouragement comes in. Money and the means to acquire it are an integral part of every individual and family’s experience. Understand what it is, how to acquire it, what it can do for you and as good deeds for others, how not to let it control your life, but used as a means of fulfillment, good ethics work, increased self-esteem, and future security can be taught subliminally and explicitly at a very young age.

The Story of Four Money Bears is a fascinating approach to teaching your five to ten year old children about money while parents are learning, too. Currently, the Four Money Bears are featured in a book, introductory videos, lectures, digital apps, and most recently an NFT (non-fungible token) auction of the Four Money Bears as interest grows. is accelerated. To learn more, visit their website,

An example of a dialogue:

Join Spender Bear, Saver Bear, Investor Bear, and Giver Bear as they teach us how to use money. When they work together, they learn to budget and learn how to better manage their money now and in the future. Kids can create Bear Bucks to manage their budget and other financial matters.

Spender Bear States – Spend Wisely. “We all have to spend money to get the things we need. If we spend less, we will always have money.

Saver Bear says, “Saving is easy. If we can save some of our allowance, we can fill our piggy bank.

Meet Mac Gardner, CFP, the innovator of this unique approach to learning finance. His passion for financial literacy for children led him to schools reading his book, partnering with organizations that could help and promote the concept, digitally on a platform that can be used at home, in schools, educators, professionals while teaching, analyzing and helping the child to grow up with the program.

In excerpts from his interview with the FPA, the Financial Planning Association of the United States, Mac Gardner CFP is the founder and education director of FinLit Tech and a certified financial planner in Florida. He has spent most of his professional life working with thousands of clients, helping them manage their finances. He became passionate about promoting financial literacy when he realized that while people wanted to plan for the future, many lacked a basic understanding of how finance works.

His first book, Motivate your money! has developed its own “Mac Nuggets” philosophy with the five stages of financial success: plan, spend, save, invest and give generously.

And then he wrote the Four silver bears And the rest is history.

His passionate ideas led him into the applications behind financial literacy for children, resulting in an alliance with eMoney and Synapse where he launched an innovative challenge to create a digital platform for children. See his insightful interview, see Join the Contest – Synapse Challenge on the Four Money Bears website. His passion and focus on helping people with their finances simply shines throughout the speech.

Recently featured in Bloomberg, Mac Gardner formed a FinLit company to continue to carry this financial awareness message (see his website at Its mission is that we work to build a bridge between financial literacy and financial technology. Financial literacy educational resources (finlit) are needed more than ever today. Financial technology (fintech) continues to impact our lives and provides new tools to improve our society. By combining finlit and fintech, we have “finlit tech”. They create the tools and resources to bring financial literacy to more people around the world. They have partnered with eMoney Advisor, LLC to develop their financial education and wellness platform.

Remember and carefully read this amazing Certified Financial Planner, Mac Gardner, CFP! You will hear more about him and his innovative and thoughtful ideas in the future.

Disclaimer: Martha Harris Myron has no connection, financial or otherwise, with Mac Gardner or The Four Money Bears, except for a passion to promote financial literacy at all ages.

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Mac Gardner

Financial Literacy Lessons: The Four Money Bears

Martha Harris Myron, originally from Bermuda with connections in the United States, is a skilled cross-border international financial planner, author of The Bermuda Islander Financial Planning Primers, a Google News contributor since 2016, international financial consultant for Olderhood Group Bermuda Ltd ., and financial columnist for the Royal Gazette. Contact: [email protected]

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