The BMW i3 ends its production with 250,000 copies created

BMW i3 production

BMW has called time on its electric i3, with a final model rolling off the company’s production line in Leipzig.

Some eight and a half years after its launch, the 250,000th example of the i3 has been created, with examples sold in more than 74 countries around the world. Acting as the company’s first all-electric mass-production model, the i3 helped propel BMW into the era of electrification, the model’s combination of premium build quality and low operation resonating with buyers.

BMW i3 production
The i3 was produced at the Leipzig site for its entire life

It has also helped buyers turn to BMW, with over 80% of all i3 buyers arriving as new BMW Group customers. Built at the Leipzig site for its entire production run, the i3 used a number of next-generation technologies in its design, including a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger cell and a number of recycled interior materials.

Milan Nedeljković, member of the production board of BMW AG. “The BMW i3 is a true pioneer and the embodiment of the pioneering spirit

“Thanks to the BMW i3, the Leipzig plant has become the cradle of e-mobility at BMW.”

The i3 pioneered the use of recycled interior materials

Indeed, the next generation of Mini Countryman – which will incorporate an all-electric version – will be produced on site, alongside the creation of high-voltage battery modules.

BMW celebrated the i3 with a limited edition HomeRun. Only ten will be produced, all using special BMW Individual paintwork as well as 20-inch alloy wheels and a power-operated glass roof with “solar-operated glazing”.

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