Scribe Raises $ 30 Million to Create First Know-How Operating System

SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Scribe, the productivity platform for digital know-how, launched publicly today to help knowledge workers around the world do and share their best work. Scribe’s technology automates the effort to capture and share digital processes. It’s the fastest, easiest way to create great documentation that teams really want to use – to get their jobs done, quickly and accurately every time.

Scribe is launching with $ 30 million in funding, including a $ 22 million Series A and previously unannounced $ 8 million funding round. Series A was led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from previous investors. This includes Amplify Partners, who led the seed, as well as Haystack Ventures, XYZ Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Morado Ventures and SEV. Prominent Angels John Thompson (Former Chairman of Microsoft), Scott Belsky (Chief Product Officer at Adobe), Nick Mehta (CEO of Gainsight) and Eric Wu (CEO of Opendoor) are also investors in Scribe. As part of the financing, Amplify Partners general partner Mike Dauber joins Scribe’s board of directors. The company will use the funding to scale its team to meet customer demand and invest in the next wave of R&D and product development for the Scribe platform.

“We started Scribe because companies are adopting new tools and ways of working at a breakneck pace, but they continue to leave behind the one thing that really matters: humans,” said Jennifer Smith, CEO and co-founder of Scribe. . “Knowledge workers create significant value by interweaving a multitude of tools and systems in increasingly complex processes, but this expertise has been almost impossible to capture and bring to light. Scribe changes that. Now, expertise is collected automatically, so that everyone can access the know-how they need to do their best. ”

Scribe at work

Whether you’re an IT analyst deploying an application, a manager on a new hire, or a sales rep showing your customer how to use your product, anyone who has ever had a need to share a process can benefit from using Scribe. By simply watching users work, Scribe automatically generates written step-by-step process guides with screenshots. Users just need to tap Save, work as usual, and tap Stop when their task is complete. They can then personalize each guide with additional details – and share immediately or integrate into existing tools, giving viewers instant access to up-to-date best practices. The whole process is effortless, with the Middle Scribe taking just 52 seconds to create.

Scribe allows team members to:

  • Enjoy easier and more satisfying work with instant access to clear and functional documents (no more outdated wikis or outdated documentation)

  • Save hours on traditional ways of documenting workflows, with most Scribe guides created and finalized in under a minute

  • Be recognized for their contributions; with Scribe, anyone who has figured out how to do something valuable can have a disproportionate impact on their teams (without the extra effort)

At the same time, Scribe allows organizations to develop a central repository of the collective intelligence of their individuals. This knowledge store drastically reduces the time spent by employees creating documentation and makes know-how more accessible to everyone, rapidly improving the level of employees through more efficient integration, cross-training, better compliance with best practices and much more.

“I had used Scribe in a previous role and knew it would be extremely beneficial for my new team. Almost instantly he became an indispensable part of our organization,” said Emily Scheckel, Head of Sales Operations at Interior Define , a direct-to-consumer furniture company. ”Scribe is like Google Maps for processes, giving our team step-by-step directions for the best, most direct route to where they want to go. It saves so much time and frustration that it’s hard to imagine life without.

Scribe is used by teams in tens of thousands of organizations, ranging from unicorns at tech startups like Human Interest to Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn. With Scribe, business teams have seen an almost 50% reduction in non-productive time spent learning a process, translating into thousands of dollars in savings per team member each. year.

Build the first operating system for know-how

Scribe was started by Jennifer Smith, formerly of McKinsey & Company and Greylock Partners, and Aaron Podolny, former engineer at Google through the acquisition of his software automation company. Smith had identified the need to understand and optimize the way work is done within an organization from McKinsey’s practice of operations and to work with CEOs and CIOs while he was at Greylock; she and Podolny have teamed up to create the platform they believe could become the canonical record for processes within organizations.

“Jennifer and Aaron have a tremendous double as CEO and CTO. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to deliver a solution that Fortune 500 companies, startups and enterprises all love, ”said Mike Dauber, general partner at Amplify Partners. “It is obvious that they tapped into a real need based on the tremendous growth of the business.”

Anyone can share “how-tos” in minutes with Scribe’s full free offering and scale expertise across teams and organizations with robust Pro and Enterprise plans.

Learn more about Scribe on the company’s blog and explore opportunities to join the growing team.

About Scribe

Scribe allows users to share how work is done, allowing anyone to automatically create step-by-step guides for any process. The Scribe platform seamlessly captures and shares the ‘know-how’ of knowledge workers, creating more productive and collaborative organizations and communities. The company is backed by leading technology investors and is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit us at

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