Revolutionary 3D Printed All-in-One Home Technology System Now Available to Home Builders and Contractors

AUSTIN, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Sunconomy LLC, a residential construction company based in Austin, Texas, and Forge New, a residential development company based in San Francisco, Calif., Have teamed up to present We Print Houses, a printed all-in-one in 3D that changes the industry home technology system that can be licensed by builders and contractors across the country. The system, which is the first domestic 3D printing system capable of obtaining permits in the United States, includes a mobile platform and all the corresponding mechanical systems necessary to build 3D printed houses that are exponentially more efficient in terms of time, waste reduction and disaster resistance than traditional construction. houses.

The We Print Houses system combines the agility and complexity of traditional home building with the precision and speed of robotic ‘inkjet’ technology, producing complex design-driven homes that are faster, stronger, and longer. smart. The system, which includes a highly manoeuvrable mobile platform equipped with a proprietary printhead, “prints” entire homes with hydrophobic, self-bonding geopolymer cement, eliminating the need for highly contracted outsourcing teams. demanded which often contribute to labor costs and significant delays. The system builds homes in days without the need for specialists such as masons, drywall installers, roofers, carpenters and their colleagues.

“We have assembled a fully mobile home 3D printing system that any builder or entrepreneur can master in a matter of weeks, and it will completely change their business model,” said Larry Haines, Founder of We Print Houses. “This system immediately removes the common pitfalls of building traditional homes – labor shortages, wasted materials, construction time – and rewards you with time and more durable, efficient homes.”

The first 25 licensees will be eligible for an exclusive territorial license for the We Print Houses system, allowing them to quickly start building technology in their region. In addition to the complete mobile concrete 3D printing system, which can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States within 120 days, each license holder will receive on-site training on construction sites. of We Print Houses, equipment certification, semi-annual site visits and ongoing marketing support. We Print Houses licensees will also have access to a portfolio of house plans designed by the company’s own architects to meet the international building code and to feature disaster-resistant details such as curved walls, reinforced ends. , roofs below the roofline, stronger concrete, and homes that are more energy efficient and have lower maintenance costs. Coupled with the geopolymer cement structure, the homes of We Print Houses resist the raw forces of nature such as fire, hurricanes and tornadoes, 8.0+ earthquakes, hail and flooding.

“The construction industry is ripe for disruption, and the We Print Houses system provides builders and contractors with the equipment they need to scale their businesses like they never imagined,” said Gregory Takeshita, CEO by Forge New. “Builders with this technology can quadruple their production rates, reducing costs by reducing labor and materials for drywall, roofing, carpentry and painting. Plus, they can build more durable and economical homes using We Print Houses technology. ”

All licensees will participate in a two-week training and certification program at a We Print Houses construction site in Genesis, the first home in the United States to be designed, manufactured, licensed, built, tested and sold to using this technology. Located on a 100 x 120 foot lot with a 17 foot slope, Genesis will fully illustrate the complex architectural capabilities and reduced time, labor and material requirements of the We Print Houses system. “If you can build on our sloping lot, you can build just about anywhere! Said Larry Haines. Genesis will be built with the participation of partners, including: basalt rebar company Sudaglass; BauBox kitchen cabinets; Porcelanosa tiles, kitchen and bathroom accessories; Ferguson plumbing supply; Whirlpool appliances; the RenewAire ERV; Jekko’s mobile platform; Graco Inc’s pump and mixer; Elexa’s Guardian leak protection system, among others.

Licensees are then included in the We Print Houses Marketplace, connecting qualified builders and potential home buyers who have expressed an interest in purchasing homes using this innovative technology.

For more information on the We Print Houses 3D home printing system, call 855-426-8469 or visit

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Sunconomy LLC is building affordable, smart and sustainable homes and will use 3D printing as a tool to provide affordable housing and skills training for those graduating from crisis intervention programs and looking to build a life pursuing the ‘dream. American ‘property.

About Forge Nouveau

Forge New is a full-service real estate development company with a strategic focus on construction technology and emerging markets.

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