QMI Security Solutions launches a high security door system

QMI Security Solutions recently developed a heavy-duty, high-security DoorSafe steel commercial door system with patent-pending active anti-cut technology to prevent saw attacks. Integrated anti-drill plates protect against drill breaches, an interlocking astragalus protects the outside edges of the door from prying attacks, and a continuous stainless steel hinge is bolted on for added strength and ease of installation.

Options include delayed exit with alarm, external key card access and external key lock with detachable handle. Custom sizes and colors are available to meet opening requirements, and double doors are also available. The door can be installed in under four hours, and installers come with a free 9/32 “and 12” long carbide tipped drill bit for their first installation, along with bottom and side brackets for easy installation. installation. An installation training video is also provided.

QMI Security Solutions manufactures commercial and residential physical security products. The company’s mission is to protect people’s commercial and residential assets with quality physical security products for businesses and homes.

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