Prospects for Digital Literacy and Lifestyle in Nigeria

The Quality of Digital Lifestyle in Nigeria

A new report from cybersecurity firm Surfshark has shown that Nigeria’s digital quality of life (DQL) has plummeted despite more people accessing the internet than ever before. For the fourth consecutive year, the DQL has been measured to assess how well nations are doing in providing basic digital needs to citizens. The report highlights the growing digital divide across the world, with 7 out of 10 countries with the best DQL based in Europe and only 18 of the top 50 countries outside the European zone.

Digital Quality of Life in Nigeria

Surfshark has conducted its Digital Quality of Life survey for the fourth year. This report shows that the DQL in Nigeria remains weak, with the country dropping four places to 86th out of 117 countries in 2022. Surfshark uses five pillars to assess the overall DQL in a country, with scores assigned to each area. Below, we detail Nigeria’s performance in each area.

  • Internet accessibility: Internet affordability is calculated based on how long a citizen has to work to access the Internet. Nigeria ranks 96th in affordability of the cheapest mobile connection, down a staggering 69 places since 2021. It ranks 115th in cheapest broadband access, down five places, with only two countries being more expensive. He gives an overall ranking of 114th place.
  • Online quality: Mobile and broadband speeds increased slightly, but mobile and broadband stability declined, with Nigeria ranking 99th when all aspects of internet quality are considered. That’s a huge drop of 43 places from the previous year. However, a new partnership has been announced which could see stability improve for the people of the capital.
  • Electronic infrastructure: The section examines how many people use the Internet and how prepared the infrastructure is to handle it. Overall, Nigeria ranks 86th, up four places from 2021. This could be a step to help connect young people in Nigeria with other countries in Africa and the world.
  • Electronic security: We all know the importance of security when we go online. In the Sharksurf survey, electronic security takes into account cybersecurity and data protection laws. Nigeria fell 20 places in this area to 66th place in the latest report.
  • Electronic government: E-government encompasses the use of Internet technology to provide information and services to citizens and businesses. Nigeria ranked 95th in this area, similar to the previous year.

As we can see from this information, Nigeria fell in 3 categories regarding DQL and only improved in 1. For many of us, it is hard to imagine life without easy access the Internet and other technologies. They have become part of our daily lives and we use the internet for everything from shopping to entertainment to gathering information. Limited access to this technology would have a serious impact on our quality of life and change the way we perform our daily tasks. We would feel disconnected from the global community.

The impact of the Internet on the development of iGaming in Africa

Interest in iGaming has exploded in recent years but has yet to peak. The opening of new markets has increased the number of iGamers worldwide, as well as in Africa. However, several factors have contributed to this growth. We will delve into them now.

  1. Mobile games: The increase in the use of mobile phones and the ease with which these devices can access the Internet has helped players connect to online casinos. Most games are optimized for mobile play and some casinos have their own apps.
  2. Faster Internet: Globally, internet speeds have increased, meaning gamers can enjoy real-time gaming without irritating lags. According to the Surfshark report, not all African countries have poor internet connections, with South Africa ranking first in this continent. iGamers in Africa are definitely making their mark at SA online casinos. You can browse the best casinos on the Top10Casinos guide site. Here you will find all the information you need to get started or find a new casino that suits your needs.
  3. Payment options: Online banking and e-wallets allow players to pay and cash out in local or international currencies. Cryptocurrency is a simple way to send or receive funds no matter where you are.
  4. Game development: The quality of the games’ graphics and storytelling has greatly improved, attracting many new players.
  5. Technological advances: You can connect to live dealers for a more immersive gaming experience.
  6. Flexible Entertainment: There are games to suit every budget. Players do not need to book long periods to enjoy a game in an online casino.

A growing body of research shows the importance of the Internet and technology in everyday life. Internet poverty is the term coined to describe the lack of access to basic Internet needs. However, tackling this type of poverty is easier than tackling extreme poverty in other areas of life. Internet access is now considered a basic need and the connectivity deficit is recognized. To target areas where action is needed, you can use information from reports such as the one produced by Sharksurf.

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