Prime Minister of Tasmania – Investing in workplace literacy and numeracy with 26TEN

June 22, 2022

Roger Jaensch, Minister of Education, Children and Youth

Tasmania’s Liberal Government is committed to ensuring adults have the literacy and numeracy skills they need to participate fully in work and life.

To support workplaces around Tasmania to help increase literacy and numeracy rates, our government has awarded over $500,000 to 11 organizations through 26TEN Employer Grants.

26TEN helps businesses, community groups, government, educators and individuals work together to ensure that all adults in Tasmania have the skills they need for work and life.

Introducing on-the-job training can help organizations better adapt to changing technology and market conditions.

Increased literacy and numeracy also leads to better work quality and productivity, better workplace safety, greater compliance, teamwork and communication.

The 11 grant recipients represent a range of sectors and reflect areas of high labor demand. I commend successful organizations for playing such an important role in the development of their employees:

  • Game meats Lenah
  • Blueline Laundry New Town
  • Burnie Community House
  • Blueline Kings Meadows Laundry
  • CatholicCare
  • Friends of Zafira
  • Glenhaven Homes
  • Glenorchy Town Council
  • Interact Australia
  • NOSS Bluegum Grounds Maintenance

Our government serves all Tasmanians, and when employees gain skills and confidence on the job, they are also more likely to contribute at home and in their communities.

Each year, employers can apply for grants between $5,000 and $50,000 for projects aimed at helping employees improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

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