Philips launches Azurion Image Guided Therapy System with Ambient Experience with FlexVision

[Image from Philips]

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG) today announced the commercialization of its Azurion system with Ambient Experience with FlexVision.

Amsterdam-based Philips Ambient Experience with FlexVision display connects to the Azurion image-guided therapy system to provide patients with a soothing multi-sensory experience as staff prepare them for their procedure, before the display not be used for the intervention itself.

According to a press release, Philips designed the technology to allow response team members to adapt to ambient lighting and sound in the room to add to the overall feeling of calm, potentially improving the patient and staff experience while leading to positive outcomes and improved workflows and productivity.

The company said the solution could reduce overall procedure time and, in some cases, reduce costs associated with patient sedation or general anesthesia by easing the clinical atmosphere with positive elements to reduce the patient anxiety.

Philips Ambient Experience also connects to media devices such as mobile phones and tablets to enable interactivity and choice that provide patients and staff with a more personalized experience.

“Interventional procedures can be difficult for patients, especially those who are concerned about the procedure and the outcome,” said Werner Satter, Philips general manager, Ambient Experience. noted in the release. “With the addition of Ambient Experience connected to the FlexVision display, part of the Philips – Azurion Image Guided Therapy System, we are addressing the atmosphere and mood of the room by providing opportunities for relaxation. active to patients and staff.”

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