Pan China fastening system featuring revolutionary galvanized pipe nipple technology allows for double-sided mounting

Los Angeles, California, October 29, 2021 – ( – Shanghai Pan China Fastening System Co. Ltd. has become a leader in the field of plumbing. They offer a versatile line of plumbing equipment designed to meet modern plumbing needs. The company is proud to add another achievement to its title. They made revolutionary advancements in galvanized pipe nipples, making them easily adaptable to both sides to make plumbing applications easy and convenient. The two-sided structure allows for easier installation in different cases, which offers a huge advantage over the rest of the options available on the market.

In a recent interview, Pan China Director Jim Zhou said, “We made the hose nipples flexible and user-friendly. These new designs allow users or customers to attach or detach all kinds of pipes needed to complete the plumbing. The coating helps the removal process to be much easier than before. It is seen that they have incorporated the design basics that make pipe nipples essential for any efficient flow plumbing system. Steel material that the company uses for its products makes it one of the few manufacturers to use the highest quality industrial steel to secure and provide leak-free piping systems.

Shanghai Pan China aims for simpler plumbing solutions that allow for quick and efficient fittings that are universal by design. With recent modernization, they have reached a new high in manufacturing, galvanized pipe nipples designed to meet the requirements of different customers. Double-sided galvanized pipe nipples allow versatility in controlling flow in a plumbing system and provide efficient ways to take full advantage of advanced plumbing systems. These advanced galvanized pipe nipples are rust resistant, allowing them to be compatible with all kinds of flow rates for years to come. Cutting-edge technology has enabled the company to provide hoses capable of withstanding the flow of hot and cold fluids through systematically designed flow methods. Galvanized pipe nipple threads are built to last. They are compatible with all kinds of accessories needed to create an efficient flow system through different industrial or home systems. As a company, they have mastered the essential manufacturing needs for a galvanized pipe nipple, enabling them to meet the demands of a traditional plumbing system.

The director of Pan China added, “We have done extensive research and have made it easy for people to rely on our plumbing solutions for all of their flow needs. The material we used to make the galvanized pipe nipple comes from the best sources to help make long lasting drainage systems through a wide range of plumbing methods. Our idea is to offer a more versatile line of fittings that continues to serve our customers in the long term. The company’s commitment has enabled them to make revolutionary advances in this sector and to get closer to the idea they defend in the plumbing market.

The galvanized pipe nipples on both sides are designed to be compatible with different sizes of plumbing equipment. They are designed in their high tech and modernized galvanized pipe nipple factory, equipped with advanced technologies that keep them in motion. The introduction of advanced plumbing methods has enabled the company to move forward in a new direction and improve the user experience. The need for a secure plumbing connection is vital and they understand the changing plumbing needs of their customers. Galvanized pipe nipples can adapt to different links depending on the required diameters and other measurement needs.

Galvanized pipe nipples can be used in many applications and last a long time without any periodic maintenance. They are aligned with the vision of providing modernized solutions that can be a suitable plumbing alternative to commonly available options. The brains behind the company are determined to keep moving forward in this industry, ensuring that emerging clientele gets the best solutions they can use in a variety of business and home applications. They aim to provide options adaptable to other plumbing challenges that conventional fittings cannot solve.

They adhere to company policies to provide a wide range of variations in galvanized pipe nipples that can accommodate universally used plumbing systems. They are determined to engage a wide range of potential markets to facilitate consumer demands based on each application.

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