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Did you know that reading is a great way to reduce stress? It’s true. Through reading, your brain can focus on non-stressful factors and take a literary journey into an entirely different realm. Reading stimulates the brain which enhances creativity. It’s like an exercise for your brain. Reading has many benefits and the Selma team is embracing and sharing them through our Love Literacy campaign which started on Valentine’s Day.

Literacy is the foundation of all learning, and developing literacy skills early gives our students a greater chance of succeeding in school. It can make or break the future of our children. Our students begin learning to read in school and progress to reading to learn by mastering early literacy skills.

Early literacy development begins in the first three years of a child’s life. Yes, even before kindergarten, our young students are learning skills that will help promote better learning. For our scholars to master math and science, they must be able to read and understand the content. The teachers, reading coaches and leaders of the Selma team know this and are continually focused on creating engaging learning opportunities at all levels and in all subjects.

But reading isn’t just for students. What are you currently reading? Do you exercise your brain daily? Reading daily can improve your vocabulary and even your memory. We can all benefit from it! Technology has made us lazy, even when it comes to reading. Daily reading can counter this by improving focus and concentration.

One benefit I like about reading is that it gives me peace of mind. Diving into a good book is relaxing. The ongoing pandemic and the many stressors of work and life make reading a wonderful refuge. It’s much cheaper than taking a vacation and can be done with little to no planning. Give it a try and join the Selma team as we celebrate and show our love for literacy!

As always, I want to address our current situation regarding the pandemic. We are working harder than ever to keep our schools open and thankfully Covid-19 positivity rates continue to drop. Our academics need to be in school and we will continue to monitor the data as decisions are made. Vaccinations are encouraged and there are many opportunities to get the arm shot. This is our best mitigating factor for decreasing positivity rates and also reducing symptom severity.

Please check our social media and website for Covid-19 testing and vaccination clinics. We will also continue to update our reporting dashboard to keep you informed. Stay tuned for additional routine updates and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or needs. For now, I encourage you to continue to engage in our “Doing Our Part Every Day” campaign. Let’s slow the spread of Covid-19. Stay safe and be DOPE.

Also, if you are interested in working as a substitute teacher, security guard or bus driver, we may have a job for you. Our Human Resources team will be happy to share more details about these and other vacancies. We are delighted to say that our team members are paid well above the average salary of surrounding school districts. Come be part of the Selma team!

Avis Williams Superintendent of Selma City Schools. For more information, please contact me at [email protected]

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