Omnilert and Everbridge Announce Technology Integration

August 16, 2022 LEESBURG, Va. (BUSINESS WIRE) — Omnilert, a leader in active shooter and emergency communications and automation solutions, today announced technology integration between its Active Shooter solution and the leading Critical Event Management (CEM) from Everbridge. This integration will allow Everbridge customers to leverage Omnilert’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology for early visual gun detection and active shooter threat verification and seamlessly use the solutions Resilience of Everbridge people to ensure timely and comprehensive incident assessment and resolution. With this capability, customers can initiate contingency plans much earlier at the first sight of a threat, maximizing every critical second to save lives.

Active shooter threats continue to grow and show no signs of slowing down, with active shooter incidents growing 50% in 2021 compared to 2020 according to FBI statistics. Omnilert’s active shooter early detection and verification capabilities and the robustness and scale of the Everbridge platform to automate secure delivery to over 100 communication modalities – including phone, SMS, alerts desktop, digital signage, sirens or a public address (PA) system – creates a powerful combination of prevention to ensure businesses and government organizations have a proactive solution to reduce the impact of increased armed violence. Additionally, automated response plans can be executed entirely from the Everbridge platform, leveraging existing emergency plans already in place.

“The key to the success of an active shooter incident is the speed of detection and response and preparation for such an event,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert. “By integrating our artificial intelligence technology into Everbridge’s market-leading CEM system, customers now have the ability to identify and verify weapons in an instant, then immediately trigger a response. All of this takes place in seconds, which is essential given that most active shooter events end in five minutes.

Everbridge EMC Platform

In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, more than 6,200 global organizations use Everbridge’s CEM platform to assess threats, monitor the well-being of their personnel, communicate early warnings and protect supply chains. ‘supply. Everbridge provides one of the most comprehensive enterprise resilience solutions for managing critical digital and physical events in an increasingly volatile and uncertain global threat landscape, while delivering significant return on investment (ROI) through increased revenue and reduced costs..

“We sponsored a study by ASIS International / Security Management Magazine which found that 66% of organizations cite active shooters as a major threat and 79% of organizations believe they are unprepared for an active shooter attack” , said Dominic Jones, senior vice president of partnerships. and Alliances in Everbridge. “With Omnilert’s Active Shooter detection capabilities built into our system, we can address this growing concern with a 24/7 automated surveillance platform designed with one goal in mind: to save lives. .”

Omnilert active fire solution

Omnilert’s active fire solution is the industry’s most effective firearms detection solution, leveraging AI technology that can reliably and quickly recognize firearms with human verification and an automated response. This solution notifies emergency response teams before shots are fired and provides accurate information about the location and visuals of the potential shooter.

The Omnilert Active Shooter solution leverages a company’s existing investment in video surveillance as it uses standardized protocols that can seamlessly integrate with most existing security cameras and video management systems already in place. . This is a significant advantage as there are approximately 70 million security cameras in the United States today. Omnilert’s AI capabilities leverage existing cameras to transform video surveillance from a reactive system typically used to investigate post-event situations into a pre-emptive solution capable of proactively detecting and potentially preventing damage should an event occur. ‘stock.


The integration between Omnilert and Everbridge is complete and ready to deploy today with a subscription to Omnilert’s Active Shooter solution. Everbridge and Omnilert have also agreed to co-market the combined ability to publicize the new integrated solution. For more information, contact us at

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