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Offbeat refers to something unusual, unconventional, or surprising, but usually in a fascinating way: quirky, unorthodox. This is what companies are trying to achieve with their marketing campaigns. After all, the most important question in marketing is how to make the model stand out from all the opponents available in the market. It’s a goal that is intensely difficult and pushes some entrepreneurs to the breaking point.

But when done correctly, a business will look up from the ocean of rivals, noticing increased sales from every new and existing customer. Here are some great examples of offbeat marketing that worked.

power of rice

The world of online casinos is extremely aggressive, but Paddy Power has managed to become a favorite name in the trade by not participating in it protected. Whether it’s Paddy Power online bingo, slots, blackjack or sports betting, there’s a level of mischief in every transaction. Particularly with the sports betting aspect of the business, they produce light-hearted content that makes them enjoyable and positions them as the naughty model of sunny jokes.

Gambling is a critical business and online casinos must work hard to tell customers that their money is protected and that all gambling companies are secure and invulnerable to attack. While Paddy Power is prepared to address customer safety considerations, they are also aware that gaming is a hobby and the ease of humor can be seductive.


Making fun of others is one thing, but it takes courage to make fun of yourself. The particular, cheesy character of the inventory photos, which is regularly unified by amateur comic photographic manipulation, provides them with simple style recognition. In other words, when you come across an inventory photograph, you instantly recognize it as such.

It’s hard for photographers and performers to try to capture so many diverse subjects, ideas, ideas, and conditions in a single image, and watching them work is downright hilarious. The #DangerousStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag was trending on social media and rather than try to combat it, Adobe went all out and created a sarcastic clothing template that uses outdated and overused stock images.

Adobe Stock Apparel’s lookbook is a price at a glance if you want a t-shirt with “Global Sales Team Working Around Laptop” or “Happy Senior Couple Piggybacking at Beach.” It’s a great example of turning criticism into smart marketing. This emotional intelligence, awareness of individuals, and sense of humor comes with Adobe Romania being awarded the Great Place to Work certification, which actually helps to reinforce the identification of the model created by marketing.

Poo Pourri

Offering products made with essential oils that promise to leave your toilet smelling great just isn’t an exciting or intriguing product. Yet Poo-Pourri embraced the taboo of discussing our smelly poop and made us laugh at the same time. With a beautiful actress making hilarious poo jokes, Poo-Pourri took possession of something vulgar and people, who should have been rebuffed, responded. Some even touted the product as a joke, but found it worked really well and continued to rely on Poo-Pourri to keep their homes odor-free. In their own words “We are Poo-Pourri. A poo-positive mark that brings shame to the things we *all* do. Great stuff.

Marketing considered offbeat can be difficult to create, it’s not enough to simply conform to the crushed freeway. You should put your model on the market if you want to thrive and uncommon marketing has the potential to be amazing.

Offset Winning Marketing Examples – Business Review

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Offset Winning Marketing Examples – Business Review

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Offset Winning Marketing Examples – Business Review

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