NITDA, the telecommunications company will provide digital literacy across Nigeria

In line with the National Data Protection Regulation, NDPR, the National Information Technology Development Agency NITDA, is partnering with AIRTEL Nigeria to provide Digital Literacy Platforms through Joint Corporate Social Responsibilities .

The Managing Director of NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa, proposed it while receiving the Managing Director of AIRTEL Nigeria, Mr.

Surendran Chemmenkotil and his management team on a courtesy visit to the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

Inuwa explained that NITDA’s regulations are not to stifle innovation or be a constraint on business, but to level the playing field for innovations to thrive.

“Computing is dynamic, it evolves; new things are coming; we need to be innovative in the way we regulate because our regulation is not to put unnecessary stumbling blocks in the business environment, but to make it easier,” he said.

The role of government in business is to intervene in terms of policies and infrastructure in unserved and underserved communities.

We all know the key role data plays today and what is happening in the world around the campaign on data privacy, surveillance capitalism, etc., the NITDA boss explained.

He added that it is not just about collecting the data, but how it is used matters most.

The emphasis on data privacy is to enable people to be aware and have ethical values, with the realization that this data belongs to human beings and should be adequately protected.

While informing its visitors about possible areas of partnership, Inuwa revealed that NITDA has many initiatives to trigger activities in the technology ecosystem to create more demand for AIRTEL services.

“We do a lot around digital literacy and digital entrepreneurship, which enables the use of digital devices to increase revenue for data providers,” he explained.

He said that at NITDA, the goal is to bring innovation in traditional and emerging resources, identify new markets, create market values ​​not intended for consumers, so that there is shared incentives that keep both parties in business.

The NITDA boss claimed that partnership through your corporate social responsibility (CSR) can promote the implementation of digital literacy, an ambitious goal of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration’s projection of achieve 95% digital literacy by 2030.

The Agency’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr.

Ibrahim Umar, commended AIRTEL for its compliance in remitting its annual 1% levy on pre-tax profits to the Information Technology Fund, which is generally collected by the Federal Inland Revenue Services.

In his speech, the National Commissioner of the Nigerian Data Protection Bureau (NDPB), Dr.

Vincent Olatunji, asserted that the issue of data is critical globally, he added, “there is hardly anything we can do now without going online.

Every aspect of our life is digitized and the heart of it is data.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has recognized this for many years, but a major milestone was reached in 2019 when the NDPR was released.

“We are happy to say that AIRTEL is one of the companies that has always complied with the regulations, and we really congratulate you on that,” he added.

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Inuwa further disclosed that the NDPR gave birth to the Bureau.


The President graciously approved the creation of the Office based on the recommendation of the Honorable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof.

Isa Pantami, about three weeks ago.

He noted that stakeholders would soon see many actions from the Bureau, especially in the area of ​​capacity building, which is critical to the development of IT.

He reiterated that data protection is a global issue, and whatever capacity we have here in Nigeria will be the same in any part of the world.

The Managing Director advised AIRTEL to have its data protection team that would oversee data and advise management on what needs to be done in terms of awareness, capacity, organizational and technological measures to be put in place, to ensure that the data of Nigerians is adequately protected. .

He finally implored AIRTEL management to report any data protection breaches to the Office within 72 hours.

The Managing Director of AIRTEL Nigeria said he was amazed at the amount of work done by NITDA, especially in compliance with the NDPR.

NITDA, the telecommunications company will provide digital literacy across Nigeria

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