National Information Awareness Campaign launched to counter misinformation and empower the public

Backed by Microsoft, the campaign promotes the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators®

PACIFIC, CA., September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This morning, The Trust Project, a global consortium of news organizations responding to crisis of trust and misinformation through the 8 Trust Indicators®, the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) and from the Center for a University of Washington Informed Public (CIP) Leadership Program and Accelerating Social Transformation (AST) jointly announced a powerful new national information awareness campaign supported by Microsoft. The non-partisan campaign uses the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators® to strengthen democracy by allowing the public to easily assess the reliability of information.

“Our goal is to build the public’s ability to resist misinformation…” said Sally Lehrman, CEO of Trust Project.

“With the global threat of misinformation so widely known, a great ‘anxiety community’ has emerged that we believe will welcome and greatly benefit from our simple system to assess news with confidence,” said Sally Lehrman, Founder and CEO. of Trust Project. “Thanks to Microsoft and our wonderful partners at the University of Washington and RTDNA, millions of Americans will learn about our Trust Indicators®. Our goal is to build public capacity to resist misinformation and increase public participation informed to civic life.”

“Microsoft firmly believes in the importance of media literacy and is pleased to extend the work of the Trust Project to the millions of users of our news platform. Microsoft sees an urgent need to help consumers improve their ability to evaluate information online and become more informed consumers of news and information,” said Teresa Hutson, vice president of technology and corporate responsibility at Microsoft.

Collaborating partners, the Radio Television Digital News Association, the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, and UW’s Accelerating Social Transformation leadership program all share the Trust Project’s belief that knowledge is power.

About trust indicators

Created by the Trust Project, the 8 Trust Indicators® are a widely accepted standard for assessing the integrity of a news site. These are transparency disclosures that show who and what is behind a given story, including the standards, policies and expertise that ensure the site produces honest journalism in the service of the public interest. Since their creation, hundreds of news sites have adopted them.

About the campaign

A collaboration between four influential organizations, the nonpartisan media literacy campaign exposes millions of Americans this fall to smart calls to action across multiple Microsoft platforms, drawing attention to the Trust’s 8 Trust Indicators® Project. Additionally, the campaign leverages more than a dozen “Trust Indicator Ambassadors” who will evangelize the 8 Trust Indicators® in their communities. Throughout the campaign, collaborators aim to better understand which ad creatives and messages generate the best results and to share this information. Compose[d]a New York-based, B-Corp certified agency, handled creative production and media.

To learn more about the partnership and the 8 Trust Indicators®, visit:

About Accelerating Social Transformation (AST):

Accelerating Social Transformation (AST), a professional development program offered by the Evans School for Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington, catalyzes and amplifies an individual’s potential to generate transformational social impact. Dr. Akhtar Badshah, an expert in the field of social impact, leads AST with individuals from nonprofits, corporations, universities and governments around the world to build their potential for change positive.

About the Center for the Informed Public (CIP):

The Center for an Informed Public at the University of Washington is a nonpartisan research center whose mission is to resist strategic disinformation, promote an informed society, and strengthen democratic discourse. We have brought together world-class researchers, labs, thought leaders and practitioners to translate misinformation and disinformation research into policy, technology design, program development and public engagement. This interdisciplinary effort is led by the Information School, Human Centered Design & Engineering, and the School of Law, with collaboration from many other academic and community partners.

About the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA):

RTDNA is the world’s largest professional organization devoted exclusively to broadcast and digital journalism. Founded as a grassroots organization in 1946, RTDNA’s mission is to promote and protect responsible journalism. RTDNA champions the First Amendment rights of broadcast journalists nationwide, honors the profession’s outstanding work through the Edward R. Murrow Awards, and provides members with training to encourage ethical standards, newsroom leadership and innovation in the industry.

About Project Trust:

The Trust Project is a global network of news organizations working to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy and inclusion. The project created the 8 Trust Indicators®, which are a collaborative journalism-generated standard for news that helps both ordinary people and tech company machines easily assess the authority and integrity of news. Trust Indicators® are based on solid user-centered design research and respond to the needs and wants of the public. To learn more, visit:

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