Ministry organizes digital literacy training for people with disabilities

Everything is digital these days, social media is now part of us all

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has collaborated with some agencies to organize digital literacy training for people with disabilities.

“This is an effort to increase the digital literacy index of vulnerable groups, especially people with disabilities,” the information empowerment director at the Ministry of Communication and Information said on Sunday. Computer Science, Dr. Bonifasius Wahyu Pudjianto.

The ministry released a podcast lesson program on people with disabilities using four main pillars of digital literacy material. The four are digital skills, digital ethics, digital literacy and digital security.

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Deputy Dean I of Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at Surabaya State University, Dr. Wiwik Sri Utami, MP, said podcasts could be used by people with disabilities to be more productive.

“Nowadays everything is digital, social media is now part of us all. Podcasts are one of the new media we can use to be more productive and create useful content,” Utama said.

The Vice Chancellor for Planning and Cooperation of Surabaya State University, Dr. Sujarwanto MPd expected there to be more collaboration in organizing disability friendly events.

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“Activities like this are very important to help Indonesia be more inclusive, digitally savvy and digitally savvy. Hopefully this activity can provide a new perspective,” he explained.

The disability podcast lesson activity is part of the program’s series of activities that has provided digital literacy to 50 million Indonesians by 2024, titled Indonesia Becoming Digitally Advanced (Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital) initiated by the ministry and its relevant stakeholders.

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