Miles Elementary Students Discover Charity Through Tech Literacy Project | Local news

Second grade teacher Max Melfie has supported his students’ participation because he appreciates the desire to collaborate and mix classes whenever possible. He thinks it makes the students happy and engaged. “They needed an audience, and that was perfect for us because we worked on writing for an audience, and today they have to be an audience,” Melfie said.

Second-grader Cora Hoyt carefully sketched bulbs on a Christmas tree card, while fifth-grader Logan Kurschner told her about her research at the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, after having showed the video. “I hadn’t heard of it before, but it got me thinking about some things,” Logan said. “I was curious when it was made and how many people it helped. It was manufactured in 1957 and has helped 10,000 patients in the past two years. “

Logan, from Rhiana Austin’s class, added that she might want to volunteer at the American Cancer Society after seeing her classmate’s presentations because she understands that people with cancer have a hard time in the life.

Target donated money to buy the books for the project, and MRM told Louk the age and gender of the children in need so she could purchase them accordingly. As a librarian, she was able to buy books that the children would probably like to read, she said.

Louk started the project last year while working in a long-term assignment position at Will James College. She was able to broaden the scope of the project this year by linking learning elements to giving.

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