Manila launches high-tech robotic system for stroke victims at government hospital

MANILA has collaborated with a private medical technology company to open its first new physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in one of its public hospitals where a high-tech robotic system will be used to help stroke victims and people with stroke. brain damage to recover more easily.

HIGH-TECH REHAB Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso attends to a patient during the grand opening of the new Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine in Sta. Ana Hospital on Monday, January 17, 2022. A high-tech robotic system will be used to help stroke victims and people with brain injuries recover more easily. PHOTO OF THE CITY MAYOR’S OFFICE

Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso said the new Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center and Medicine at Sta. Ana Hospital will use a new Hybrid Limb Assisted (HAL) that is powered by advanced robotic rehabilitation technology. It is the first and only robotic exoskeleton that trains a patient’s brain and limbs to walk again.

HAL is the leading advance in the treatment of strokes and other neurological conditions by helping patients regain physical mobility.

The machine is programmed to detect weak bioelectrical signals on the surface of the skin, which reflect the patient’s intention to move. Using these signals, HAL allows the wearer to perform desired movements with their voluntary commands. The physiotherapist can see these signals and adjust the settings of the robotic suit to amplify weak signals and focus on desired signals.

Domagoso said the program is in partnership with private company Robocare Solutions, Inc. to which the local government loaned two sets of three HAL units.

He gave his assurance that this type of primary care treatment can be used by patients of all classes.

“With the help of technology, in this case a robot, it will be easier to recover, so the rich, the middle class and the poor now have access to first-class services,” Domagoso said. at the inauguration of the rehabilitation center on Monday.

The Manila city chief executive admitted that he had copied the idea from other medical care institutions.

“We copied it and I will never tire of copying. Copy, duplicate and innovate for real solutions and rapid action for our compatriots,” Domagoso said.

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