Madison Seeks More Answers On How She Could Operate A 311 System | Local government

Madison could move closer to creating a 311 system to allow residents to efficiently file complaints, track public works projects, and generally facilitate navigation through the dozens of agencies across the city tasked with various municipal tasks.

The city is preparing to hire a consultant to produce a “road map” on the operations of a 311 system. Typically, a 311 system acts as a catch-all for questions, complaints and concerns from residents. such as finding garbage collection times, reporting potholes and complaining about fireworks.

It would also give residents the ability to track the progress of requests and projects and provide an easy two-way communication structure – features that Madison lacks in its current complaint and reporting systems, said Sarah Edgerton, director of the department. of the city’s information technology.

“With the 311, you can do it over text, you can do it over social media, you can do it over the phone,” she said. “It goes into that one system, and the one system then takes care of your request, gives you a way to come back and track your request. It is to remove the mystery of government.

Edgerton said a previous feasibility study, conducted in 2019, found there was a “definite need” for a 311 system in Madison. The new study will explore the scope of services offered by a 311 system, staffing patterns, hours and days of operation, potential facility needs and other recommendations on policy and procedural matters, a. she declared.

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