Karnataka CM launches Grama Digi Vikasana

Dell Technologies has partnered with the Sikshana Foundation to announce a one-of-a-kind digital literacy program’Grama Digi Vikasana’, for easy access to digital and internet services in the Gram Panchayats of Karnataka. With government support. of Karnataka, the program will be implemented by the Sikshana Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Rural Development of Karnataka and the Panchayat Raj. The program focuses on building digital infrastructure and new solutions for rural remoteness, promoting digital literacy. ‘Grama Digi Vikasana’ was launched on 21 March 2022 by the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Basavaraj Bommai and Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India.

Through this initiative, Dell Technologies will enable 382 Gram Panchayats equipped with broadband connection, access devices and Android TV to establish a “digital space” in the Gram Panchayat (GP) libraries, which can be used by the community. These nodal centers will serve 3-4 surrounding villages where nearly 3,82,000 students will have access to secure digital platforms on a rotating basis under the guidance of trained government personnel.

During the launch, the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Basavaraj Bommai appreciated Dell Technologies for its excellent work in the gram panchayats of Karnataka in bridging the digital divide by building last mile technology infrastructure.

“Digital India can only be possible when every rural household has the opportunity to access everything digital. The key is to connect technology to those who need it most and Dell is working to ensure the future workforce is digitally empowered. We are committed to leveraging technology to empower our youth and with ‘Grama Digi Vikasana’ our aim is to bridge the digital divide by building critical technology infrastructure at the local level. This is a proud initiative by Dell Technologies to bring the digital future to life,” said Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India.

“These digital spaces go beyond just helping students, but also enabling the rural community to access online digital services. This has set the tone for our community to invest in the future of our budding young people. and curious,” said Prashanth Prakash, President, Sikshana Foundation.

Gram Panchayat Libraries will continue to serve as resource and learning centers for students to benefit from the infrastructure even when schools and colleges reopen. Additionally, Dell Technologies will also help establish internet services in 200 high schools in Karnataka to provide a seamless digital learning experience for students. The Sikshana Foundation will work closely with the state Department of Educational Research and Training (DSERT) to identify schools across the state to create inclusive digital communities.

Dell Technologies is committed to driving human progress, through its reach, technology and people, to create positive and lasting impact. Grama Digi Vikshana will further aim to promote online academic learning, skills development and digital literacy to empower students. This will ensure that the community is able to engage with the digital world in a safe and secure manner.

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