Jeremy McGilvrey shared examples of conversational marketing

Jeremy McGilvrey, Award-Winning Digital Marketing Consultant

Jeremy McGilvrey, Digital Marketing Agency, Texas – In a recent talk, Jeremy McGilvrey discussed “What is Conversational Marketing and the Benefits of Conversational Marketing”. Today, Jeremy McGilvrey shares examples of conversational marketing.

Isn’t it interesting how all the old things become new again? In the old days, before phones or computers, when you wanted to sell something, you would go to your customers and talk to them in person. It was a very powerful way to make sales and it worked for many years.

Today, you can do essentially the same thing without ever leaving your office or home – by implementing conversational marketing techniques. You will use chatbots, instant messaging and other technologies along with your website and social media platforms to speak directly to your customers one-on-one, creating a very powerful and high converting lead generator system. .

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Let’s look at some examples of conversational marketing once implemented.


1-800-Flowers says over 70 percent of their orders come from chatbots. Their chatbots feel like a live person and make the customer very comfortable and safe to order without ever speaking to a real person. People love to order this way instead of filling out a form.

If you’ve used eBay before, you know they have an awesome chatbot service that uses the Google Assistant platform to host it, making the chatbot service available through systems like Google Home. Customers can use voice search to find products and are sent directly to the seller who has those products.


This is an example of how chatbots can be used in politics, but even if you are not in politics, this service is an amazing example of how much a chatbot can do for your business. This is especially true if your business provides information, courses, or digital products and services.

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For example, the user can use the chatbot to send letters to political leaders, letters to the editor, etc. Whichever side you are on, as it doesn’t matter in this discussion, you can test it for yourself by texting 50409.

Freddy Freshbot is here to serve HelloFresh customers through Facebook Messenger.
This bot offers answers, recipes and other types of assistance through the chat interface. There are also clickable buttons with topics and an FAQ. The awesome fact is that Freddy helps customers 24/7.

Universal Studios

This chatbot is great because it’s a great example of a business using conversational marketing to sell an experience and not a physical product. The bot has a great personality and feels very human, especially when showing a good sense of humor. The bot can be used to book reservations, purchase tickets, and get information at the park by asking questions such as how long to wait for a specific ride.

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As you can see, chatbots are very powerful. However, a chatbot only works as well as the person installing it. You may need to study how to do this and think about what information you enter into the chatbot so that it can engage with your audience in a conversational way and increase your signups, sales, and conversions.

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