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“Currently, there is no affordable, site-specific variable rate fertigation system available to apply the correct amount of nitrogen to a field via a sprinkler irrigation system, especially for low-pressure irrigation systems. variable rate, ”Payero said. “This new system will allow growers to apply nitrogen fertilizers where and in the amount needed via overhead sprinkler irrigation systems, which is the predominant type of row crop irrigation system used in the south. -is of the United States. “

McMaster Hears the Concerns of Upstate Farmers

This project responds to the threefold mission of Clemson Land Grant University – research, extension efforts and education. Once the researchers develop the system, a training program will be created for county officials, agricultural advisers, consultants and technology providers to teach farmers how to use the new system.

“Outreach efforts will result in a better understanding and adoption by stakeholders of advanced site-specific water and nutrient management,” said Payero. “The adoption and use of new technology will result in reduced water, energy and fertilizer use, as well as improved environmental quality and greater sustainability for producers. “

Rebecca Davis, Clemson Extension Water Resources Officer, will help with outreach efforts.

“Once this system is ready, farmers can benefit from using this technology on their farms,” Davis said. “Training producers, extension workers, crop consultants and technology providers will expand the impact of this technology. “

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