Integration of KFC Deliverect delivery technology

The pandemic has seen KFC focus on increasing its already growing delivery offering. The brand of fried chicken has over 23,000 locations around the world and can now be thought of as a delivery hub, working with various third parties to get its food to people.

“Delivery is very important for KFC right now,” says KFC Iberia CFO João Almeida, “Before the pandemic, delivery was already very relevant. But after COVID, online sales more than doubled. “

Almeida says KFC’s two main delivery challenges were to manually enter orders from multiple delivery services and aggregators in the POS and – second – the relatively high volume of missing and erroneous orders created by such a small process. technological. Both issues are now well on their way to being resolved with Deliverect, which connects third-party deliverers directly to a restaurant’s point of sale system, automating the online ordering process.

A key feature is that the menus are centrally managed with orders sent directly to point-of-sale systems and printed in the kitchen with a standardized layout. “Whenever we launch a new item or a new promotion, we can do it ourselves, offering the menu to all aggregators and stores within minutes,” says Pedro Alcaina, IT manager at KFC Iberia.

A relationship built to last

Almeida says that before partnering with Deliverect, KFC needed to make sure that it was a reliable partner and that there was enough added value. But when the business case for Deliverect was presented to KFC franchisees, they immediately saw that the solution would pay off quickly.

“I would say that Deliverect’s biggest impact on KFC today is peak hour management. If you look at a restaurant’s peak hours before and after delivery, you can clearly see a major difference just by looking at the way staff are deployed. There is a lot more focus. It’s not that fewer people are deployed, but that the same employees are deployed so differently.

“Before, the employee only entered transactions into the cash register, dedicated exclusively to doing so during peak hours. Now this same employee can focus on improving the customer experience because these transactions automatically pass through. from aggregators to the point of sale There is no longer any need for manual or human interaction.

In the current phase of its partnership with Deliverect, KFC is focusing on automatic integration with food delivery services and food delivery aggregators. These companies play a key role in KFC sales and it is this characteristic that franchisees value most in the partnership. “But in my opinion, we still have a long way to go, in the sense that we have not yet fully unlocked the full potential of Deliverect. Today is just the start, we expect a lasting partnership, ”says Almeida.

Optimizing operational efficiency

KFC is already exploring Deliverect’s menu management tools and sees great improvements when launching new items or new menu promotions. “Usually when you work with a different number of delivery platforms you have to coordinate with each of them on how to create that promotion and make it available online on a specific date. With Deliverect, we can just do it ourselves and offer it to all of our delivery partners, ”says Alcaina.

According to Almeida, there are other measures that KFC was able to improve with the support of Deliverect. “We measure two indicators: the speed of service and the number of incidents. Regarding the first, the waiting time of each runner for his order at KFC has decreased considerably. We have also seen a substantial decrease in the number of incidents, reducing both missing and incorrect orders.

Alcaina says that KFC is also happy with the Deliverect platform from a technical standpoint. “From the very beginning, when we piloted the first store, until today where we use the solution in a hundred restaurants, we have not noticed any failure of the platform. Over 99% of orders are correct and are injected into restaurants without problems or additional information. And the remaining 1% of orders with an error can easily be tracked on the Deliverect platform to verify the source of the problem.

Almeida confirms that he couldn’t be happier with the partnership between KFC and Deliverect. “In my opinion, our partnership is very strong, especially at times when online transactions will become more and more relevant. We believe that this partnership will allow us to focus on our core business, which is serving the customer with the best chicken in the world, while we leave the technical aspects to the experts at Deliverect. “

For more information on the Deliverect head here.

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