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CHENNAI: The IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation, in collaboration with Asha For Education, on Friday launched two rural technology centers to bring digital literacy to students in remote and rural public schools in Tamil Nadu.
These centers in Kanakammachathram and Seethanjeri in Tiruvallur will teach basic digital literacy and the basics of programming after assessing the students. Public school students studying in grades IX to XII are prepared to learn advanced technologies such as drones, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence in addition to animation, web page design and hardware-based programming, among others.
In a statement, the Director of IIT-Madras, V Kamakoti, said the establishment of the centers marked the start of a journey to provide access to quality education and technology to students belonging to rural areas. .
“There are plans to launch more such rural technology centers near public schools this year,” the statement added.
“We wanted to open the centers close to high schools so that students could attend classes at our centers in the evenings after their school hours. Most children have no opportunity to learn computers and other technologies “said Rajaraman Krishnan of Asha For Education, which works on education for disadvantaged children.
T Gunasekar, Headmaster of Kanakammachathram Government Higher Secondary School, said, “This school is located in a rural area which mainly educates students from weaker sections. This initiative is very useful.
“The program will help students in rural areas to acquire computer literacy,” said KG Muralidhar, headmaster of Seethanjeri Government Higher Secondary School.

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