ICD and UBT launch financial inclusion, training and financial literacy education program (PHOTO)

The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and the Executive Education of the University of Business and Technology (UBT Executive Education) announce the official launch of a joint education program to provide education and high-quality training in the subject of financial literacy (FinLit) and financial inclusion in the 55 member countries of the ICD via the online platform FinLit of the ICD.

The parties recognize the importance of FinLit in the development agenda and in its significant contribution to financial inclusion. The program will introduce several education mechanisms and platforms, including financial education and training workshops, webinars, illustrative materials, boot camps, hackathons, gamification, accredited classroom courses and online, and will offer certified training and education programs; in addition to other opportunities or activities of mutual interest to both parties.

On this occasion, Mr. Ayman Sejiny, CEO of ICD, said: “This strong partnership with UBT and its Executive Education falls within the scope of ICD’s mandate including

contributions to financial inclusion through several programs and initiatives such as the Financial Intelligence Platform (FIP) and the FinLit program, empowering individuals, startups and SMEs financially by giving them access to a variety of financial courses and interactive application tools.

He also added that “in alignment with the goals of the UN-SDGs and the G20, the ICD always participates in and supports programs that help achieve development goals, in particular goals addressing inequality, equal opportunities, access to finance, digital transformation and innovation”. ”.

His Excellency the President of UBT, Professor Osama Jannadi, said that “UBT and its Executive Education are pleased to partner with ICD to co-design and deliver a series of training programs and camps training program in financial literacy and financial inclusion for participants from IDA’s 55 member countries. This partnership reflects UBT’s strong commitment to community service on a broader, global scale. It also highlights the international recognition of both UBT and its continuing education, as well as their respective roles in the development of high-quality professional education and training programs.

This program will use ICD’s FinLit platform as the primary vehicle to deliver the education and training courses to millions of beneficiaries internationally and more specifically to ICD member countries. The platform aims to facilitate access, accelerate and integrate affordable digital financial products and services that target unbanked and underserved segments of the population, as well as entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. The FinLit platform will also provide access to affordable financial products and services, including savings, financial planning, emergency fund, crowdfunding, financing, investments and wealth growth.

About ICD

The Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD) is a multilateral development finance institution and a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. The DCI was established in November 1999 to support the economic development of its member countries by financing private sector projects, promoting competition and entrepreneurship, providing advisory services to governments and private companies of its member countries and encouraging cross-border investment.

ICD is rated A2′ by Moody’s, ‘A-‘ by S&P and A+ by Fitch. ICD establishes and strengthens cooperation and partnership relations with the aim of establishing joint or collective financing. ICD also applies financial technology (Fintech) to make financing more efficient and comprehensive. For more information on the ICD, visit: www.icd-ps.org


Founded by the University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 2000, UBT Executive Education is a leader in management education and career development for business and executive practitioners and executives. management. It offers international certification and qualification programs, as well as customized programs for companies, institutions, startups and SMEs.

Training practitioners and professionals from more than 100 companies and institutions in several countries, UBT Executive Education offers programs in Human Resources, Leadership, Finance, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Project Management, Change Management, Communication, Advertising , Negotiations, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Risk Management. Programs are delivered in person and online, and at different levels. For more information visit: https://ee.ubt.edu.sa/

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