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Out of tragedy and want is born an incredible story and invention.

Four years ago, a young man lost his father to carbon monoxide poisoning in a vehicle.

Faced with this situation, this son, Parker Gregg, and his friend Cayden Wright designed a device that could be attached to a vehicle and warn of imminent death from carbon monoxide.

After years of trial and error, their prototype was recognized with a first place at the TSA National Conference. Even more surprisingly, their creation has obtained a US patent.

Their goal is to license the patent to a company to be further developed and placed in cars to prevent fatalities.

I read this story and was amazed to learn that such creative, motivated and tech-savvy young people are found in Blair County.

Their achievement shows that our society is in excellent hands. It is also a lesson for all of us to learn that hard work and determination will prevail.

As an educator who has worked for years to encourage others to pursue their dreams and ambitions, I am not surprised that such young people are prevalent in our community.

I would like to congratulate all those who encouraged and helped these determined young people on their journey.

In an age when our society is all about negativity and petty thinking, let’s focus on accomplishments like the wonderful achievement of Parker Gregg and Cayden Wright.

William J. Padamonsky Sr.


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