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MMO communities can be a creative bunch, inspired by the gear they acquire in games like Final Fantasy XIV to cosplay other series. The art of cosplay can be as simple as buying clothes worn by the character to crafting armor and weapons with cardboard, PVC and handmade fabric. No matter how hard someone tries to portray a character, the love of portraying their beloved franchise is clearly seen in their smiling faces. However, not all fans represent their favorite identities at conventions; some portray other characters from their favorite series with gear and cosmetics in high-customization games like FFXIV.


The popular MMO FFXIV has done several collaborations with IPs under the Square Enix banner, dragon quest and Deny being the ones that immediately come to mind. It’s no surprise that Capcom is teaming up with Square Enix as the two would make an appearance monster hunter weapons and Final Fantasy characters reunited again. These collaborations have brought gear designed to look like real items from the games, even allowing fans to collect a Rathalos mount. While Partnerships offer new gear that allows players to bring these characters to life in the land of Eorzea, there is even more potential than just using the basic Collaboration gear in FFXIV.

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Ideas born from the many pieces of equipment available in FFXIV are nearly endless, with characters from anime, comics, other game series, and more represented in the community. Some of the best cosmetic gear in the game can be the hardest to acquire, as Market Panel prices can vary from server to server. Likewise, some pieces of equipment are impossible to obtain without doing complex and heavy mechanic dungeons like FFXIV‘s Alzaadal’s Legacy repeatedly until it eventually drops, which can tire players of grinding the same level over and over again. These dedicated players have worked tirelessly to replicate their favorite characters with the available items, leaving no detail spared.

Beautiful FFXIV cosplay of Kiwi from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

With the recent release of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners and the resurgence in popularity it brought to Cyberpunk 2077, it was inevitable that people would start cosplaying their favorites from the show. Above is Reddit user melifecent’s appreciation of the Maine crew’s secret netrunner. From the hair to the outfit, the crimson colors bring out Kiwi’s hair and eyes just as easily as the anime portrays her. Although Kiwi and other characters like Rebecca are not featured in Cyberpunk 2077this cosplay is easily accessible as the items used to create the glamor can be obtained through crafting and one of FFXIV the most popular alliance raids, which can’t be said for the franchise where Kiwi is from. Although the Tomestone emote is only available through FFXIV Companion App, the image of Kiwi hacking game antagonists technology is too good to be true.

Dark Souls Tragedy Combined With FFXIV Is A Perfect Match

The influence of dark souls spread through the gaming community, spawning the creation of several games like dead cells, Deadly Shell, and others. Here we can see the influence he had on Reddit user mortorrain as their Miqo’te is dressed in gray robes with a silver mask on her forehead, similar to the Maidens and Fire Keepers in FromSoftware games like dark souls. While the garment doesn’t cover his entire arms like the traditional Fire Keeper outfit, Mortorrain has done a great job of keeping the monotone colors that each Fire Keeper is associated with. The large, out-of-frame campfire provides good lighting for the image, and although the helmet is seen as a circle in-game rather than a mask, it looks almost identical to the one the flame keepers use to cover the eyes.

Nathan Drake in FFXIV is Made for the Adventurer Lifestyle

A savvy explorer and one of the luckiest men in the game is Nathan Drake of Unexploredthat a creative player vividly recreates in FFXIV. By using pieces of equipment from the Island Sanctuary, a private island for FFXIV players to enjoy, user Alyras Wythen takes the gear to make an accurate portrayal of Drake. An inevitable flaw in the outfit is that the Machinist class available to players still has a tech box on the hip, but Wythen pulled off the gruff look.

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The old-fashioned pistol, alongside the coarse shirt and baggy pants, is an iconic look for the treasure hunter. Sporting a confident smirk in the image above, one has to wonder what kind of trouble Nathan Drake could find himself in in the land of Eorzea. With the Machinist class under his belt, Drake could outperform the speedrunners of Unexplored which impressed Nolan North.

FFXIV Invaded by Type-Moon Parody MascotFFXIV Neco-Arc Cosplay performing a signature dance

Parody renditions of other characters in Type-Moon’s multiple franchises still pop up from time to time, but none stand up to Saber Nero Claudius’ silliness. Fate/Extra, except for Neco-Arc. One of the simplest outfits here, FFXIV Gamer Reed Unlem takes a rather compelling look at the parody character who has become a popular meme. The character is featured as a prankster fighter in Type-Moon’s popular fighting game Melty Blood: Lumina-Type. The stone-cold-faced avatar of Unlem performs while doing a dance associated with Neco-Arc makes cosplaying more enjoyable. With Hildibrand’s return to FFXIV, this Neco-Arc cosplay will fit right in with the ridiculousness the side story is experiencing. The werewolf head that gives players the ears shown above is the only complication with other players making this outfit. This item could only be obtained during an All Saints’ Wake event, with the only way to obtain it now being through the FFXIV Online Store.

Madoka Magica Comes To Life In FFXIVFFXIV Akemi Homura Cosplay Collage with reference images.

A classic anime often praised for its dark story behind the appearance of adorable anime characters, magic madokaAkemi Homura is a difficult character to reproduce in FFXIV. The outfit itself is easily acquired by crafting and playing through the main story, but there is one piece in this cosplay that makes it difficult to replicate. With a bit of effort, Reddit user Princess_Triela even went to the trouble of removing the Final Fantasy XIV Build Limit Break PvP for the Machinist class to capture an iconic sniper rifle shot. A gun obtained from the recently brought back Garo event works well for this Akemi cosplay. The creations above and the ideas behind them show the community’s love for the characters they represent and the game itself. These dedicated fans and gamers dedicate their time and effort to enjoying the game they love, giving back to the community with these faithful recreations of other IPs. It takes the spirit of cosplay at conventions and other events and brings it right into the game, delivering more Final Fantasy XIV players the same level of joy.

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