Fort Carson tests new capabilities of Javelin missile system

FORT CARSON, Colo. (KRDO) – Thanks to a new missile system, Fort Carson officials say the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team is now considered the deadliest fighting force in the entire US military .

Mountain Post officials attribute this to its brand new CROWS-J system, which is an advanced optic on a stabilized mount that allows soldiers to fire Javelin missiles from a stationary vehicle. Previously, soldiers had to be on the ground and pull them manually.

“With this ability to deploy this system, it simply provides our higher level commanders and leaders with a menu of options on how to employ the 2nd Stryker Brigade and its new lethality with these weapons,” Capt. Jacob Poag said. , US Army officer.

Javelin missiles have infrared technology using thermal imaging to lock onto targets. Soldiers inside the Stryker vehicle communicate with air support to establish positive contact.

Army officials say that while this technology is still being tested, the Javelins can be launched from the CROWS-J system and potentially hit a target 2,500 meters away.

“Before it was very anxious every time you pushed, I didn’t know how you were going to react every time you made contact,” specialist Jerett Vermeis said. “But now we’re in the vehicle and we have all the gear ready to go.”

Soldiers tell us they feel safer with this new system, knowing they won’t be directly in the line of fire.

“Before I was actually dismounted for the javelin and I would be pushed with the javelin and I would be on the ground – not very safe for us, not very safe for the takedowns,” the SPC said. Vermeis. “Now I’m an inside gunner and we don’t have to worry about anyone being in danger.

Javelin systems previously relied on the human eye and built-in interfaces to engage targets. Now, with the help of the CROWS-J system, soldiers can see further, more clearly and in darker environments.

The new capability will continue to be tested over the next 3 months, but officials say it will help give soldiers the edge against heavily armored vehicles and buildings.

The CROWS-J system will be installed on 87 of the current 300 Stryker vehicles within the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Carson.

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