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launches financial literacy program for schools

STEM Fuse is excited to work with Kiddie Kredit to bring its unique and innovative financial literacy content to a wide range of schools across the country.

— Carter Tatge, CEO of STEM Fuse

MIAMI, FL, USA, April 25, 2022 / — Leaping Harts, Inc., the parent company of Kiddie Kredit, a tween product aimed at teaching kids about credit, has partnered with STEM Fuse to create Kiddie Kredit’s courses in financial literacy, especially credit, available on the STEM Fuse platform to over 15,000 schools.

Carter Tatge, CEO of STEM Fuse, comments, “STEM Fuse is thrilled to be working with Kiddie Kredit to bring their unique and innovative financial literacy content to a wide range of schools across the country. We anticipate that this partnership will significantly advance financial literacy among youth.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Kiddie Kredit. The content we’ve designed meets multiple national financial literacy standards and was originally designed just to exist in our app. We quickly realized that even though the content could be digested at home, it would be doing a disservice to young people and our mission not to bring this content into a school setting as well,” says Mike Gross, Head of Education and Chief Operating Officer at Kiddie Credit. .

The partnership allows several schools to have access to the educational content. With the recent adoption of mandatory financial literacy education in Florida schools, some classrooms in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system have already signed up.

Carlos Vazquez, Founding President and CEO of Miami EdTech, said, “As part of Miami EdTech’s efforts to leverage technology to address the systemic challenges facing students, the Kiddie Kredit and STEM Fuse partnership provides an opportunity to have an exponential impact on the financial literacy knowledge gap. Building on the momentum surrounding computer access and accessibility, students and teachers will be exposed to a curriculum that ensures equitable access to financial literacy.


About Kiddie Kredit: Kiddie Kredit’s mission is to leverage technology to educate and empower future generations. Kiddie Kredit is committed to empowering families through credit education. Healthy credit fuels power, freedom and access. The app instills healthy credit habits by rewarding activity completion with a scoring system that simulates FICO. Learn more and download the app at
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About STEM Fuse: STEM Fuse is a developer of K-12 STEM digital curricula and computer science. Our goal as a company is to help close the “STEM” skills gap and provide equal opportunities for ALL students. All of the courses and resources we develop follow the same recipe – Easy to teach, engaging, user-friendly and cost effective. This recipe allows STEM Fuse to be successful with all districts no matter where they are with their STEM or Ed-Tech initiatives.

About Miami EdTech: Miami EdTech was founded to solve the critical problem of computer science education in Florida for both educators and students. Each year, we increase the number of educators and innovators who will lead Florida’s economic and social future.

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