Five New Mexico Colleges Team Up To Share Enterprise Tech System

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, February 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Five New Mexico public colleges have announced a groundbreaking partnership that will fundamentally change the experience of higher education students, as well as business operations and other campus functions. Clovis Community College, Central Community of New Mexico University, Northern New Mexico University, San Juan College, and Santa Fe Community College have joined forces to develop a single, shared enterprise technology system to manage students, financial, human resources, and various other campus services and records.

This transformational effort, the first of its kind in the country, is supported by New Mexico’s independent community colleges and the New Mexico Department of Higher Education. It will provide much greater synchronicity and efficiency between colleges, with the main goal being to create much easier and more convenient ways for students to interact with one or all of the colleges.

“Bringing together five different colleges from five unique communities to reinvent and implement a university experience that changes the lives of our students is the most important action we can take to improve the education and quality of life of New Mexicans. “said Becky Rowley, Ph. D., president of Santa Fe Community College. “With a student-centered perspective, together we will transform what higher education can offer so that all students can reach their potential faster, more fully, more affordably, and with personalized support between colleges. “

Prior to the pandemic, and without direction from any oversight entity, these five colleges joined forces to find a solution to common, but very important, technological challenges facing colleges across the country. By working closely together, they identified a solution: the collaborative higher education shared services system. There are many benefits to sharing an integrated system between colleges, the most important of which is to better serve students.

Once updated, CHESS will eliminate the need for multiple student admission and enrollment applications; reduce duplication of student and employee records; streamline the student transfer process; provide academic programs and staff reinforcements as needed at all colleges; increase interaction with potential and current students, community members and business partners; and more. The five colleges will share a system while protecting personal information and managing data in a secure environment. To move the project forward and provide advice, the group is forming a non-profit association.

“This historic effort will simplify many processes outside the classroom for students by reducing the barriers and the time typically required to enter college, stay in college and move from school to school. “, declared the president of the CNM. Tracy hartzler. “It will help more students register successfully and progress to graduation and employment. New shared technology will also enable our colleges to be more efficient, effective and collaborative than ever before. Our colleges will be able to share their expertise to one to a greater extent since we will all be using the same systems and processes. This will be a game-changer for the way colleges work together to improve the effectiveness of higher education across the state. “

Through CHESS, participating colleges will share decision-making, data and processes, resulting in more efficient and profitable operations. Users will also find the new platform more agile and intuitive, including on mobile devices.

Several teams from participating colleges with expertise in specific areas have been working together for many months to develop a full RFP. Five College Collaboration is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors and system implementers to deliver a comprehensive, state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning solution and configure and implement this product as a single, shared ERP , with a single, shared data repository. for all participating institutions. The new system will allow for the sharing of staff and skills between institutions and will limit technology costs by taking advantage of economies of scale and reducing the need for many third-party systems.

THE SOURCE Central Community of New Mexico College (CNM)

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