Fairport Harbor Library Now Offers Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Fairport Harbor Public Library has announced that it is now offering the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, aimed at helping adults learn the computer skills they need in the workplace.

“People without basic computer skills are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a job because employers expect basic computer skills for most jobs, including many entry-level positions,” said the director of the library, Kara Cervelli, in a press release. “We joined Northstar because it will help our clients have a better chance of finding employment and advancing.”

The free set of assessments includes self-guided modules: Essential Computer Skills (Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows, Mac OS), Essential Software Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Using technology in everyday life (social networks). media, information literacy and creative job search).

Closed captioning is available and screen readers are supported.

Anyone can access the modules and take the tests online from their home or inside the library, the statement said. At the end of each test, the user receives a results page, which lists the skills mastered and the points to be improved.

The library said it hopes to soon offer proctored assessments with employer-deliverable certificates and in-person computer classes aligned with Northstar’s digital literacy standards.

There is no cost to complete the reviews on Northstar’s homepage.

Northstar is used by more than 2,440 adult basic education programs, colleges, nonprofits, workforce centers, government agencies and businesses, according to the release.

The Fairport Library also has tablets and hotspots that patrons can borrow if they need internet access and a device to use at home.

To learn more, stop by the library at 335 Vine St. (440-354-8191) or visit www.fairportlibrary.com.

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