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1.Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft suite of Dynamics 365 software offers a variety of ERP options suitable for a wide range of business areas. The software stands out for its use of AI to provide insight into optimizing business operations. Microsoft sees its ERP systems as a great option for companies that currently lack modern ERP software and have yet to “break down” a siled approach.

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is a big plus for companies already used to this service, as they can continue to use it without needing to set up a separate ERP tool. As part of its Dynamics line, Microsoft also offers CRM software that integrates effortlessly with its larger ERP systems. These features make Dynamics 365 a worthy consideration for companies that interact heavily with customers and place a high value on building customer relationships.


This ERP system is a popular choice for the manufacturing industry, as it particularly stands out for its warehouse and inventory management capabilities. It is well suited for the heavy demands of working with many other automated systems in production areas. SYSPRO has decades of industry experience, significant international reach and a 98% customer retention rate.

SYSPRO ERP stands out with a few great features: one is its “intelligent manufacturing” program, which leverages web-connected “intelligent platforms” that enhance software automation specifically in a factory environment. Another is his use of bots, or what he seemingly unironically calls “digital citizens,” to help automate a company’s systems with minimal disruption to existing work patterns.

3. Odoo

Businesses of all sizes that deal with a lot of sales and customer interactions could consider Odoo. Similar to Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 systems, Odoo offers an integrated CRM system, which means that its customers can no longer search for third-party CRM software once they use Odoo. The system also includes point-of-sale and e-commerce tools that result in effortless software integrations for retailers and vendors.

Odoo’s software is based on an open source model, offering its suite of applications a high degree of compatibility and guaranteeing easy integrations. This means that developments from third-party sources can always reach their maximum potential in the Odoo environment.

4.Oracle NetSuite ERP

This industry-leading ERP system bills itself as the “most trusted” cloud-based ERP software in the world. NetSuite can claim the title of most deployed cloud ERP solution with over 32,000 enterprise customers. NetSuite has accumulated as much direct experience with cloud-based ERP software as any developer, with roots in some of the earliest examples of cloud applications and ERP systems.

Now owned by Oracle, the company has maintained its industry-leading status and cemented its popularity through mainstreaming. Its software products meet virtually all ERP needs of companies in all kinds of industries. NetSuite ERP uses the model of a basic core platform (covered by annual license fee) with optional add-ons. While the suite as a whole aims to provide an all-in-one solution, the a la carte options mean users still only pay for the tools they need.

5. Brahmin Solutions

Brahmin Solutions’ ERP software excels at large-scale, real-time inventory management, making it an attractive consideration for large retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Users rely on its ability to elegantly integrate the management of a distribution system with multiple sales channels and warehouses.

What sets Brahmin Solutions apart is the integration of an expiration date tracking feature designed for businesses handling perishables and other time-sensitive materials. This not only allows users to keep track of impending deadlines, but also provides assistance in determining when to move what for maximum profit. The software is also renowned for its thoughtful and comprehensive reporting systems.

6. SAP Business ByDesign

This cloud-based ERP system from SAP SE is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices. The popularity of Business ByDesign in this area is reinforced by the fact that it is deployed in nearly 150 countries. As a result, it has grown to incorporate 11 other languages ​​beyond English, making it a suitable choice for companies with international operations.

SAP’s Business ByDesign software does it all, with tools in areas as diverse as grant management, vendor relationship management, and executive support. A set of “pre-packaged integrations” makes third-party apps extremely easy to integrate.

7. ERP Cloud Acumatica

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP software offers an accounting-focused ERP solution for businesses looking for powerful financial management tools. Although it offers solutions for a variety of ERP needs, it is particularly strong in its general accounting and inventory management functions.

In addition to a number of examples listed here, the product is a software application as a service licensed on a subscription basis and can be deployed both on-premises or via the cloud. The company’s unusual pricing structure makes estimating applicable licensing costs more difficult than is the case with many of its peers.

8. Epicor ERP systems

Epicor is abandoning the one-size-fits-all theory for EPR solutions, eschewing the popular model that builds optional add-ons on top of a single generic base system. Instead, the company has a menu of distinct hyper-specific ERP systems that each offer a tailored solution to a single industry’s ERP needs. The company makes a point of meeting the needs of small, medium and large businesses.

Examples of Epicor’s industry-tailored offerings include Epicor BisTrack for building materials companies, Epicor Eagle for independent retailers, Epicor Kinetic for manufacturers, and Epicor Eclipse for electrical, HVAC companies. , plumbing and PVF. Also offered are the aptly named Epicor LumberTrack, Epicor CMS Automotive, and Epicor Decor Fusion (for paint and decor retailers), among other options.

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