Emerson Launches Advanced Dust Pulse Technology Control System

ASCO DPT control system provides superior monitoring, optimizing dust collection system performance and increasing uptime

Emerson’s New ASCOMT TPD control system optimizes performance and improves the efficiency of filtration and dust collection systems by providing accurate and reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early leak detection, improved cleaning control, and real-time diagnostics.

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The connected system is a cost-effective, scalable and targeted step towards the digital transformation of a facility. It’s available in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and Africa, with availability in the Americas by mid-2023.

Low level leaks are difficult to detect in high operating pressure, high humidity, or oil and steam environments using traditional detection technology. The DPT control system’s advanced signal processing helps ensure accurate, low-level particle measurement and detection.

It can capture particles below one milligram per cubic meter in harsh, high pressure (7 bar maximum) and high humidity applications such as those found in the cement, power plant, incineration, aluminum finishing and chemicals.

“The digital transformation of the process industry is underway, and connected facilities around the world are seeing the valuable benefits in sustainability and lower operating costs that real-time monitoring and diagnostics provide,” said said Stephan Cocciardi, director of global marketing and strategic accounts at Emerson. and industrial affairs.

“The sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the ASCO DPT control system can help facilities detect problems and prevent problems that would otherwise waste energy and accumulate unplanned downtime, resulting in a system more efficient and reliable dust collection system.”

By closely monitoring dust collection systems in real time, the DPT control system can help users locate and address leaks before they become problems, improving energy efficiency and saving energy consumption. pressurized air. The loop-powered sensor provides inherently safe monitoring of hard-to-reach points in the filtration system, including the coil, diaphragm, and filter bag.

System health monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities can improve system reliability and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. Its superior linear output can help users track real-time particulate emission levels and meet emission regulations.

In addition to monitoring, the DPT control system optimizes the performance and uptime of dust collection systems of all sizes through efficient and reliable control of pulse jet filter cleaning. For installations that use large bag filters, application-specific control algorithms can reduce the frequency of pulsing, extending filter life and reducing the amount of compressed air consumed.

The control logic can maintain a fairly low and stable differential pressure during operation and automatically maintains the differential pressure within ± 25 Pa (± 0.1 inch) of the water column of the set point while minimizing pulsation. This ensures consistent cleaning performance, maintains a good filter cake and can reduce compressed air usage by 15-40% compared to standard on-demand cleaning and up to 90% compared to continuous cleaning. It also helps ensure consistent airflow to maintain production, ventilation and dust collection.

The system provides extensive general filter pulse jet cleaning control modes, such as easily selectable pulse patterns and a full range of basic timing modes. Modes include Continuous, Up/Down, Single Cycle and Down Cycle.

The complete DPT control system solution includes the DPT P150 Particle Monitor, P151 TPD controllerand P152 DPT Particle Sensorr. Learn more about the ASCO DPT control system.

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