EdoBEST promotes digital literacy among schoolchildren, says Minister

Education Minister Adamu Adamu said the EdoBEST program promotes digital literacy among primary school children.

Speaking at the meeting of the National Commission for Universal Basic Education in Benin City, Adamu, who was represented by Dr Folake Olatunji-David, said: “With the launch of the EdoBEST program, teaching and Elementary school learning has now been digitized, with remarkable improvements in curriculum design and implementation. This silent revolution has massively reduced digital poverty among elementary school children.

In addition, UBEC Executive Secretary Dr Hamid Bobboyi noted that the theme of the meeting titled “Improving Access, Equity and Standards through Technology-Driven Initiatives” was a tribute to EdoBEST.

“EdoBEST is recognized as the first basic education sector reform program in Nigeria. Already adopted by Lagos and Kwara State, it is a model of comprehensive reform of the basic education sector.

Edo SUBEB President Ms. Ozavize Salami explained that EdoBEST was inaugurated by Governor Godwin Obaseki in 2018, adding that EdoBEST was the only subnational initiative under the World Bank’s accelerator program.

She said: “For a society to be globally and resoundingly successful in providing access and improving standards of basic education, political will and support is the starting point. The resources for the usefulness of the technology are substantial and require immense sacrifices on the part of political leaders and I am proud to say that this is our testimony in Edo State. “

UBEC Board Chairman Prof. Adamu Usman encouraged participants to use EdoBEST techniques in their states.

During the four-day program, the President of the Lagos State Council for Universal Basic Education, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King, was elected Dean (Chair) of the SUBEB Presidents’ Forum in Nigeria.

A statement from LASUBEB said his appointment was in recognition of his leaps and bounds and various revolutionary innovations in basic education in Lagos State.

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