Digital Literacy Festival bringing together several thousand participants

Let’s continue to improve and collectively strengthen the country’s literacy, skills and resilience towards Connected Indonesia: More digital, more advanced

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Netizen Digital Literacy Fair, organized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics with all Cybercreation partners and networks on December 18-19, 2021, brought together online and offline thousands of participants.

This year’s Internet fair was held in a hybrid format. Ministry data indicates that the event was personally attended by a thousand attendees on day one. The virtual participants were even more numerous, at 40,643 people.

In a press release Wednesday, ministry spokesperson Dedy Permady noted that through the 2021 Internet User Digital Literacy Fair, the government is optimistic that the space will continue to grow. Indonesian digital.

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The ministry also expects advances in digital technology to be put to good use, so that its positive impact can be felt by the entire population, he said.

“Let us continue to improve ourselves and collectively strengthen the country’s literacy, skills and resilience towards connected Indonesia: more digital, more advanced,” he said.

The ministry, as a leader in digital transformation, has prepared the National Movement for Digital Literacy (GNLD) program as a pillar of digital human resource development which has started since 2017.

The training was aimed at providing an understanding to people in navigation in the digital space.

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The ministry’s GNLD program is the starting point for the development of Indonesia’s digital human resources in achieving digital citizens, Permadi noted.

These digital citizens should be able to navigate the digital space and have the skills to use advancements in digital technology, he noted.

Several speakers representing communities, academics, public figures and other stakeholders in the field of digital literacy participated in the activity.

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Attendees included the Governor and Mayor of Bali, digital literacy enthusiasts, social media practitioners and key opinion leaders from various cities.

The event featured in the Netizen Digital Literacy Fair was “Digital Literacy Talk” with a discussion on the four pillars of digital literacy and the latest issues in digital technology.

The ministry also organized “Netizen Talks” which looked in more detail at the use of digital technology, such as creating interesting content, tips and tricks for creating podcasts and animation lessons.

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