Despite improvements, Indonesia’s digital literacy remains low – Sat 22 January 2022

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Sat 22 January 2022

Digital literacy in Indonesia has remained suboptimal for the past two years, according to a recent index, despite accelerated technology adoption across a wide range of industries driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The digital literacy index, based on a survey of 10,000 respondents across the country, rose slightly to 3.49 in 2021 from 3.46 in 2020, as the digital skills and digital literacy sub-indices improved but with deteriorating digital ethics and security, the Ministry of Communication and Information and research company Katadata Insight Center reported Thursday.

The last figure puts Indonesia in the “medium” category of digital literacy. The index ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being “very bad” and 5 being “very good”.

“Indonesia is becoming ‘good’ in its digital literacy,” ministry spokesman Dedy Permadi said, referring to the index value of 4. Across all four pillars, we still have some homework to do on digital security.”

The Digital Literacy Index report comes as more Indonesians have started studying, working and shopping online amid the pandemic, increasing their exposure to digital security risks such as personal data leaks and scams.

Experts say such risks underscore the urgent need to pass the data protection bill, but the House of Representatives and the executive branch have been slow in deliberations.

The Ministry of Communications organized digital literacy training for 12.5 million people last year and plans to train another 5.5 million this year.

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Digital literacy scores varied by gender, with 55% of men having at least a “good” level of digital literacy, 6.8 percentage points above women.

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