Describes the Population Zero science and technology system

Since the beginning of the year, Enplex Games has not stopped sharing new details what players can expect from the company’s next survival MMO, Zero population. The last of these details concerns the science and technology system of the game, which will serve as an opportunity for character progression.

The sciences offer an avenue for specializing a character in Zero population, and there are currently four disciplines players can focus on: Chemistry, Mechanics, Metallurgy, and Survival. Advancing in these areas will require the exploration of animals, plants, minerals and more in the game, and the disciplines chosen will determine the technologies available.

These technologies materialize in the form of blueprints that will allow players to craft certain items. For example, a person specializing in the sciences of chemistry and metallurgy will have access to “Steel processing” technology, which will allow him to “study the production of steel weapons” as they go. what build their base.

As some would expect, technologies require resources to implement, but it seems like more is going on here than just a crafting system. That is, the developers noted that the tech tree derives its influence from the Civilization and “players can get a boost from one of their associated technologies” when “exploring a technology”.

Additionally, it has been stated that players will be limited in the number of technologies they can master. A way that Zero population this is done through its faction system – players may find themselves aligned with a particular faction that prohibits the study of a certain science, thus preventing them from obtaining associated technologies.

The reason behind such a limitation is that Enplex wants to encourage players to interact with each other in order to access technologies they may be missing. Specifically, it has been confirmed that players can share blueprints with those who are unable to obtain them through their own scientific research.

While fans following the production of Zero population may still be catching up with anything the developers have shared so far, including details on how the title unique artistic style is achieved, Enplex shows no signs of slowing down. It looks like the next word from the company will be on the game’s quest system – information that will certainly be welcomed by a number of players.

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