Credit card skimmers located in several locations around Petaluma – NBC Bay Area

Petaluma authorities have identified multiple credit and debit card skimming devices at a bank and various 7 Eleven stores, the Petaluma Police Department said Monday.

Credit and debit card skimmers are devices used to collect cardholder information that can be used to make unauthorized purchases.

Petaluma police say an alert ATM technician working at the Bank of America ATM on Kentucky Street on Saturday located two skimming devices on the machines, along with cameras set up to monitor the keypads.

On Monday, PPD was made aware of additional skimmer devices at three different 7 Eleven stores located on Howard Street, Perry Lane and D Street.

All evidence has been collected and is being assessed for potential investigative leads, police said.

To avoid being “skimmed”, the police suggest doing a visual and physical inspection of card readers. Look for alignment issues or anything that causes the card readers to stick out at an odd angle. If the security seals appear to have been tampered with, avoid using the card reader.

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