Chief Digital Officer Joins Panel on Digital Health Literacy

Jared Antczak, Chief Digital Officer at Sanford Health, will join panelists from across the country, including Baptist Health System and Providence Health, to address digital health literacy issues among vulnerable populations.

The round table is part of the 2n/a Annual Virtual Remote Patient Monitoring Summit, comprised of healthcare and technology leaders from organizations across the country, which aims to address the successes and challenges of digital healthcare.

Sanford Health continues to advance the organization’s vision for virtual care with the goal of becoming the premier rural healthcare system in the United States. During her panel discussion, Antczak will engage participants in techniques to ameliorate digital health literacy challenges among different populations and communities around the world.

“At Sanford Health, our footprint serves a variety of people,” Antczak said. “We are privileged to serve many patients who live in urban communities who use technology daily as well as those who live in rural settings. No matter where you live, whatever your postcode, we want to take care of you. Whether you’re in a downtown office building or behind a harvest harvester, we want to make sure you and your family have access to quality health care.

Antczak joined Sanford Health earlier this year as the health system is set to expand its virtual care initiative, expanding access to healthcare for patients and residents using the most advanced technologies to maintain care closer to home.

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