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Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology discusses creation of national operating system, to strengthen government capacity to deal with potential internal and external threats as it formulates cybersecurity framework complete, officials familiar with the matter said.

“Microsoft, Apple have their own cybersecurity infrastructure from the primary layer and have software to protect stored data,” an official said on condition of anonymity. “The government can build an operating system to provide protection for the primary level.”

The Center also discusses the establishment of a dedicated team of professionals to assess how the infrastructure needs to evolve to keep up with the latest developments in the technological field. “With the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things and the growth of cybercrime, there will be a calculation,” said a second official. “There is a need for a more comprehensive framework that addresses not only threats to national security, but also other considerations such as the impact of the advent of these technologies on the citizens of the country. “

The first official said it’s not just the core layer, or the operating system, that needs to be native, but also the software used for cybersecurity. Of course, the idea is still at the discussion stage.

Kazim Rizvi, founder of think tank The Dialogue, said the government should consider customizing open source software according to its security requirements, rather than developing a new operating system from scratch, as it could may not be a viable option in practice. “Open source software benefits from continued scrutiny and improvements from the programming community,” he said.

Rizvi added that the German government supports open standards and uses free open source Linux software for all of its official purposes.

In April, HT reported several instances in which government domain email addresses were used to launch cyber attacks and the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in some government servers, highlighting the need to secure the country’s digital infrastructure. There were also several data breaches, including one from Air India on data of customers registered between August 26, 2011 and February 20 of this year and including details such as name, date of birth, contact details , passport information and ticket information.

The government has also launched cybersecurity training for all public servants. “There are many channels that transmit data, we have submarine cables, we have satellites in the sky, India really needs to upgrade its framework to cope with the large amount of data circulating. “, added the second manager.

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