Technology examples

South Africa: President – Teachers in South Africa are examples of resilience and excellence

President Cyril Ramaphosa affirms that the dedication and commitment of teachers stimulates social development and promotes inclusive economic growth. “Sometimes working under difficult circumstances, our teachers are examples of resilience, excellence and professionalism,” President Ramaphosa said. He was addressing the 21st National Teaching Awards (NTA) at the Emperor’s Palace in …

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Examples of Mekong-ROK cooperation – Khmer Times

Projects on water resources and the use of water data The management of water resources has become vital to safeguard sustainable development as well as the health and safety of the 240 million inhabitants of the Mekong region. Following the 1st Mekong-ROK Summit, the Korea-Mekong Joint Water Management Research Center …

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Develop key explainable AI examples for industry

AI systems have enormous potential, but the average user has little visibility and knowledge of how machines make their decisions. The explainability of AI can build confidence and further drive the capabilities and adoption of technology. When humans make a decision, they can usually explain how they came to make …

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