Camden Updates CV-603 BLE 2-Door Access Control System with Virtual Credentials

The system can now support an Apple® or Android® mobile smartphone ID, proximity card/tag, or two-button wireless key fob.

Camden Door Controls, a supplier of door activation and locking products, announces that it has upgraded its CV-603 BLE two-door access control system with virtual credentials.

With the upgrade, the system can now support each system user with any ID they choose, including an Apple® or Android® mobile smartphone ID, proximity card/tag or wireless key to two FOB buttons. The system does not require an additional wireless receiver or Bluetooth® module and there are no subscription costs, the company explains.

The CV-603 (MProx BLE) series is an App-based wireless Bluetooth® managed access control system for doors and gates. It can accommodate up to 2,000 users. The CV-603 controller provides control for two doors, including inputs for readers, door position switch and REX device, and two outputs for electrified lock or alarm signal devices.

CV-603 models include:

  • Controllers
    • CV-603: 2-door MProx BLE controller with 433 Mhz. recipient
    • CV-603PS: Cabinet with MProx BLE controller, 12 VDC, 1.5 A power supply (without battery) and 16 VAC, 40 VA transformer
  • Extension antenna
    • CV-603EA: 433MHz. Extension antenna for MProx BLE controller, 8 feet (2 meters) coax cable, 50 ohm impedance, used to get past metal RF obstructions
  • Controller and Reader Kit
    • CV-603PS-K1: Cabinet with MProx BLE controller, 12 VDC power supply, transformer, (1) CV-7400 AWID/HID protocol reader and (1) CV-KTH HID protocol proximity tag
  • Wireless key fob
    • CV-TXM-2: 2 buttons, 433 MHz. key fob for MProx BLE controller
    • CV-TXM-2B: 2 buttons, 433 Mhz. key fob for MProx BLE controller
  • Protocol readers and identifiers
    • CV-7400: narrow and compact proximity reader with HID/AWID protocol, 4″ to 5″ range
    • CV-7600: Bluetooth reader, range up to 1 foot

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