Authorization of truck scale system clears Pennsylvania Senate panel

A Pennsylvania bill a little closer to the pass would adopt a truck weighing system already in use in nearly every state.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously to propose an amended version of a bill to order the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to establish an electronic weigh station bypass system for trucks traveling through the state.

Statehouse supporters bypass all services to reduce dangerous traffic jams at weigh stations. Senator Judy Ward, R-Blair, added that bypass services reduce emissions by saving fuel and reduce time wasted waiting at weigh stations.

Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Wayne Langerholc, R-Cambria, outlined the system to committee members.

“This will equip State Police with a new tool to enforce motor carrier safety across the Commonwealth at their discretion. The technology will filter a driver’s safety record. If the commercial driver is in good standing, they can bypass the state police inspection station,” Langerholc said.

He added that the bill, HB1410, would provide access to additional funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Innovative Technology Deployment Program.

An amendment to the bill calls for the creation of a GPS-based or infrastructure-based program to give PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission authority over weigh-in-motion stations.

“In fact, bypass services encourage carriers to maintain their safety records and provide credentials to law enforcement in advance,” Ward said in a memo to lawmakers. “The local economy also benefits from bypass services, which reduces the overall cost of transporting goods.”

She notes that 47 states are already participating in the national circumvention program.

HB1410 then proceeds to the Senate floor. If approved there, it would come back to the House for consideration of changes before it could be forwarded to the governor’s office. LL

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