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If you are planning a long road trip via expressways, it is advisable to keep all documents related to your vehicle in order. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is testing a new system, which will tell authorities whether a vehicle has a valid registration, pollution certificates and other documents.

The new system is called Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and all the country’s highways will soon be integrated into it. It is not only able to capture a photo of the vehicle’s license plate, but will also alert authorities if travelers are not wearing seat belts.

The ATMS will be linked to the Transportation Service Vehicle (RTO) database.

Here’s everything you need to know about ATMs:

• NHAI is currently testing the system on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, the Eastern Ring Road and other locations.

• It will identify vehicles that do not have valid papers. The data will be shared with the local traffic police to issue challans.

• All this will be made possible by the capture of a vehicle’s license plate. This will tell ATMS the vehicle’s insurance, age, pollution certificate and CNG kit test certificate since the system will be linked to the RTO database.

• According to NHAI officials, this system will help reduce traffic jams and traffic accidents. Instead of placing barricades, traffic officers will only issue challans to vehicles that will be signaled by the system.

• Challans will be issued without stopping vehicles. It will be the responsibility of the local traffic police to collect the amount later.

• In the case of commercial vehicles, the system will also check the valid certificate of fitness.

• They also said the technology will help identify vehicles that have been used in certain crimes or involved in crashes.

• The Ministry of Road Transport has made ATMS mandatory on all new highways and national highways under construction. The system is also installed on existing roads, such as the Delhi-Agra highway.

• Initially, the project aimed to make the Fastag experience more fluid by calculating the distance between vehicles. But, in a recent meeting between officials from the Ministry of Road Transport and NHAI, some experts suggested linking it to the Ministry of Road Transport’s database.

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